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  • Member: istiv
  • Studio: Istiv Studio
  • Title: Band of Brothers
  • Premiered: 2003-12-14
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    • Band of Brothers Original Soundtrack Main Theme
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  • Comments: This AMV is done on the model of the original opening of the TV serie: Band of Brothers, aired on HBO.
    I had the idea to do with the anime serie: FUll Metal Panic, a such AMV centered on the episodes where Sousuke Sagara came back to Helmajistan, the landscape where he learn the war as a child. He is here to fight is deadly ennemy Gauron, and bring back a stealed nuclear weapon. But he must fight too his closest friend Zaied, wich teach Sousuke all the war tactics he knows when he was fighting as a child in this landscapes.

    Times changes, people changes. the sad fact in this story is that if Zaied know it is Kashimu (Sousuke's previous name), Sousuke don't know he is fighting his best friend... i stop here, no more spoil :)

    so they were band of brothers (Zaied and Sousuke) they are band of brothers now (Gauron and Zaied), and they fight for their opinions, by sharing their lifes. isn't it beautiful (i'm joking)

    Band of brothers & Full Metal Panic fans, i hope you will enjoy this AMV. For others, enjoy it too, but please don't crush the thing without trying to understand the way of this video. thx.


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