JOURNAL: AimoAio (May )

  • How to play FF13 2013-12-08 11:55:02 [01:13:57] Aimo: symphonia is out febrary
    [01:13:58] Aimo: omg
    [01:14:05] Aimo: my schoolwork is going to suffer
    [01:14:07] Aimo: xD
    [01:14:20] Kaipi: blazblue, idolmaster and gran turismo when i'll have money
    [01:15:03] Kaipi: and i want to get better at DOA5
    [01:15:18] Kaipi: and i still didn't start ff13-2
    [01:15:33] Kaipi: and i have to finish it before LR
    [01:16:09] Aimo: hmm
    [01:16:15] Aimo: i might just read a summary of the story
    [01:16:18] Aimo: of ff13-2
    [01:16:22] Aimo: or watch all the cutscenes
    [01:16:28] Aimo: i dont wanna suffer through that game :(
    [01:16:33] Aimo: just to play lightning returns xD
    [01:16:45] Kaipi: xD
    [01:16:59] Kaipi: you have no motivation
    [01:17:06] Aimo: the game just sucks too much
    [01:17:08] Aimo: I HAVE NO TIME
    [01:17:10] Aimo: FOR BAD GAMES
    [01:17:11] Aimo: XD
    [01:17:14] Aimo: OUUUUTTTT
    [01:17:15] Aimo: XD
    [01:17:19] Kaipi: and i want to finish im@s at 100% (worry)
    [01:17:23] Aimo: .....
    [01:17:26] Kaipi: it's not bad
    [01:17:26] Aimo: i did xillia at 100%
    [01:17:27] Aimo: ;D
    [01:17:47] Kaipi: yes but it's a jrpg
    [01:17:52] Aimo: fine but its not good either xD
    [01:18:06] Kaipi: some people say it's good
    [01:18:11] Aimo: its probably the first game i played of the FF series
    [01:18:16] Aimo: and cannot get past the first island
    [01:18:19] Aimo: not because its difficult
    [01:18:25] Aimo: but because by the 2nd day i didnt want to turn on the ps3 to play it
    [01:18:35] Kaipi: xD
    [01:18:36] Aimo: i question their tastes D:
    [01:18:40] Aimo: maybe
    [01:18:44] Aimo: they found appeal elsewhere
    [01:18:45] Aimo: like
    [01:18:49] Aimo: animation quality xD
    [01:18:58] Aimo: which was nice
    [01:19:02] Aimo: but i didnt really care that much xD
    [01:19:11] Kaipi: 13 wasn't that bad
    [01:19:16] Aimo: ff13-2 was
    [01:19:17] Aimo: xD
    [01:19:20] Kaipi: and a lot of people say 13-2 is better
    [01:19:20] Aimo: i completed ff13
    [01:19:23] Aimo: WHAT
    [01:19:27] Aimo: DA
    [01:19:28] Aimo: HECK
    [01:19:32] Kaipi: yes
    [01:19:33] Kaipi: xD
    [01:19:43] Aimo: ff13 took me horrendously long :( and i only button mashed my way through :(
    [01:19:44] Kaipi: you're the weird one
    [01:19:45] Kaipi: :P
    [01:19:47] Aimo: didnt even die often
    [01:19:47] Aimo: xD
    [01:20:02] Aimo: oops enemy too strong, better run
    [01:20:06] Aimo: avoid using some shrouds
    [01:20:08] Aimo: BOSS TIME
    [01:20:09] Aimo: HEAL LIKE MAD
    [01:20:11] Aimo: ATTACK LIKE MAD
    [01:20:16] Aimo: COMPLETED (y)
    [01:20:17] Aimo: XD
    [01:20:19] Kaipi: xD
    [01:20:42] Kaipi: lightning+fang+hope
    [01:20:43] Kaipi: (y)
    [01:21:08] Aimo: i alternated between vanille/hope and sahz/fang
    [01:21:11] Aimo: sorry snow D:
    [01:21:16] Aimo: he was maybe in like
    [01:21:18] Aimo: 2 battles max
    [01:21:18] Aimo: xD 
  • Therefore nerdy 2013-11-27 20:30:02 [23:07:37] Emong: hello
    [23:07:39] Emong: pokemon fanatic
    [23:09:43] Emong: i saw Gravity today
    [23:09:45] Emong: was good
    [23:09:46] Emong: (y)
    [23:09:57] Emong: it has space
    [23:09:59] Emong: therefore scifi
    [23:10:01] Emong: you might like
    [23:22:21] Aimo: Gravity....
    [23:22:24] Aimo: hmm
    [23:22:28] Aimo: i might have heard of it
    [23:22:32] Emong: =_=
    [23:22:32] Aimo: how scifi is it?
    [23:22:33] Aimo: XD
    [23:22:43] Aimo: i mean my life currently exists only of uni, work and pokemon
    [23:22:43] Aimo: XD
    [23:22:50] Aimo: and occasionally anime :P
    [23:22:57] Emong:
    [23:23:30] Aimo: oh hey
    [23:23:35] Aimo: i do remember seeing the poster for this!
    [23:23:47] Aimo: astronauts
    [23:23:50] Aimo: space disaster?
    [23:23:51] Aimo: XD
    [23:25:23] Emong: yeah
    [23:25:28] Emong: it was super intense
    [23:27:00] Aimo: HMMMM
    [23:27:17] Aimo: i dont really have friends that are quite interested in sci-fi
    [23:27:25] Emong: tell them it's not scifi
    [23:27:28] Aimo: LOL
    [23:27:31] Emong: but some romantic comedy
    [23:27:32] Aimo: TRICKERY I SEE
    [23:27:34] Aimo: LMFAO
    [23:27:34] Aimo: as if
    [23:27:38] Aimo: the name suggests otherwise
    [23:27:42] Emong: well
    [23:27:51] Emong: it has like 96/100 rating on metacritic
    [23:27:57] Aimo: though i did have one ask me about Catching Fire
    [23:28:10] Aimo: maybe i can use Gravity as my end of my bargain in exchange for seeing that
    [23:28:15] Aimo: :O
    [23:28:17] Emong: yes!
    [23:28:18] Aimo: thats good!
    [23:28:49] Emong: it's done in a kind of realistic way
    [23:29:14] Emong: also
    [23:29:25] Emong: no explosion sounds in space
    [23:29:26] Emong: xD
    [23:29:31] Emong: it's pretty cool
    [23:29:49] Emong: you see the international space station being hit by space junk and the whole ship gets destroyed
    [23:29:53] Emong: but you don't hear anything
    [23:30:31] Emong: well, except maybe some music
    [23:31:24] Emong: and the austronauts breathing
    [23:33:41] Aimo: silence can be a frightening thing
    [23:33:49] Aimo: i like the idea (y)
    [23:34:12] Emong: there was maybe too much music though
    [23:35:57] Emong: and they showed the trailer for The Desolation of Smaug before the movie
    [23:36:01] Emong: i wanna see it so bad
    [23:36:02] Emong: ;_;
    [23:39:04] Aimo: and what type is that film?
    [23:39:10] Emong: .....
    [23:39:16] Emong: it's the new hobbit movie
    [23:39:30] Emong: HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW?
    [23:39:47] Emong: WHAT KIND OF A NERD ARE YOU?
    [23:39:51] Emong: disgrace
    [23:39:52] Aimo: .....
    [23:40:04] Aimo: I HAVENT SEEN THE HOBBIT
    [23:40:04] Aimo: XD
    [23:40:17] Aimo: and why do nerds need to know this?!
    [23:40:18] Aimo: XD
    [23:40:37] Emong: CMON
    [23:40:42] Emong: it's the hobbit
    [23:40:58] Emong: a classic in fantasy
    [23:41:01] Emong: therefore nerdy
    [23:44:15] Aimo: ..... 
  • HeartGold/SoulSilver 2013-11-06 18:36:34 [18:38:48] Aimo: btw do you still have soulsilver/heartgold?
    [18:38:52] Aimo: because i am buying one of them
    [18:38:54] Dennis: YES I HAVEBOTH
    [18:38:55] Dennis: XD
    [18:38:57] Aimo: LMFAO
    [18:39:02] Aimo: WHAT ONE DO YOU RECOMMEND THEN?
    [18:39:02] Aimo: XD
    [18:39:09] Dennis: both are cool
    [18:39:09] Dennis: LOL
    [18:39:18] Aimo: i think Gold has better exclusives
    [18:39:22] Aimo: but me always liked Lugia more
    [18:39:23] Aimo: xD
    [18:39:31] Dennis: well me liked ho-oh more
    [18:39:32] Dennis: LOLOLOL
    [18:39:34] Aimo: fck birds
    [18:39:35] Aimo: LOL
    [18:39:37] Aimo: LMFAO
    [18:39:58] Dennis: SINCE IT IS A FLIGHT POKEMON
    [18:40:02] Dennis: AN NO DRAGON
    [18:40:03] Dennis: LOL
    [18:40:05] Aimo: IT LOOKS COOL
    [18:40:07] Dennis: LMFAO
    [18:40:14] Aimo: LIKE A SEA MONSTER
    [18:40:15] Aimo: GLIDING
    [18:40:20] Aimo: NOT ANY PLAIN OLD FLYING
    [18:40:25] Dennis: LMFAO
    [18:40:25] Aimo: and it can swim
    [18:40:27] Aimo: unlike ho-oh
    [18:40:29] Aimo: xD
    [18:40:51] Dennis: IF YOU DO I WILL SLAP YOU
    [18:40:59] Dennis: LOL
    [18:41:08] Aimo: WHY NOT
    [18:41:12] Aimo: SURF IS AN AWESOME MOVE
    [18:41:24] Aimo: it only sucks in double battles
    [18:41:26] Dennis: BUT NOT FOR A LEGENDARY
    [18:41:28] Aimo: LOL
    [18:41:29] Aimo: PROBLEM?
    [18:41:30] Aimo: XD
    [18:41:32] Dennis: YES
    [18:41:42] Aimo: GET IT FIXED YO
    [18:41:42] Aimo: XD
    [18:41:52] Dennis: NO
    [18:42:09] Dennis: IT IS WAY TOO EPIC FOR THEM
    [18:42:10] Dennis: LOL
    [18:42:18] Dennis: SHAME UPON YOU
    [18:42:19] Dennis: lol
    [18:42:19] Aimo: LMFAO
    [18:42:27] Aimo: i am glad you agree that Lugia is super epic
    [18:42:27] Aimo: (y)
    [18:42:37] Dennis: I NEVER SAID IT AINT
    [18:42:37] Aimo: i cant believe im only buying this game now
    [18:42:39] Dennis: LOL
    [18:42:42] Aimo: this is shameful as a pokefan
    [18:42:44] Dennis: i only like hooh more
    [18:42:45] Dennis: LOL
    [18:42:51] Dennis: LMFAO
    [18:42:52] Dennis: yeah ikr
    [18:42:53] Aimo: i blame diamond and pearl for being so shit i didnt want to play anymore pokemon after it
    [18:43:01] Dennis: after the super epic graphics in xy
    [18:43:05] Dennis: you will cry
    [18:43:06] Dennis: LOL
    [18:43:07] Aimo: LMFAO
    [18:43:08] Aimo: as if 
  • Welcome to reality 2013-10-06 14:47:19 [18:40:20] *** Dennis sent IMG_06102013_194026.png ***
    [18:40:21] Dennis: omfg
    [18:40:25] Dennis: this looks so terrible
    [18:40:27] Dennis: xD
    [18:40:34] Dennis: i lost my skills
    [18:41:03] Aimo: .....
    [18:41:12] Aimo: the fuq is that
    [18:41:20] Aimo: the fuq u calling terrible
    [18:41:22] Dennis: that was supposed to be 2 A
    [18:41:23] Dennis: LMFAO
    [18:41:25] Aimo: it is only the letter A reversed
    [18:41:27] Aimo: LOL
    [18:41:30] Dennis: IKR
    [18:41:30] Dennis: XD
    [18:41:34] Aimo: XD
    [18:41:35] Dennis: HENCE YO NAME
    [18:41:37] Dennis: AIMO AIO
    [18:41:38] Dennis: AA
    [18:41:39] Aimo: ..........
    [18:41:40] Aimo: OMFG
    [18:41:41] Dennis: OMFG
    [18:41:46] Aimo: DAFUQ
    [18:41:47] Aimo: OMFG
    [18:41:48] Aimo: XD
    [18:42:00] Dennis: BE GLAD THAT I AM MAKING YOU A LOGO
    [18:42:01] Dennis: LOL
    [18:42:23] Aimo: why do i need one?
    [18:42:24] Aimo: XD
    [18:42:32] Dennis: Y NOT
    [18:42:33] Dennis: XD
    [18:42:46] Aimo: LOL
    [18:42:50] Aimo: what would i use it for?! XD
    [18:43:29] Dennis: FOR SUCH RARE OPPORTUNITIES
    [18:43:30] Dennis: LOL
    [18:46:08] Dennis: do you want some decals too
    [18:46:09] Dennis: ?
    [18:46:10] Dennis: LOL
    [18:46:12] Dennis: like wings
    [18:46:16] Dennis: or a crown
    [18:46:27] Aimo: decals?
    [18:46:29] Dennis: or something other terribly used
    [18:46:30] Dennis: LOL
    [18:46:32] Aimo: ROFL
    [18:46:34] Dennis: DECORATIONS
    [18:46:38] Aimo: THATS DECOR
    [18:46:40] Aimo: XD
    [18:46:41] Dennis: DECAL
    [18:46:45] Dennis: FOR ME
    [18:46:51] Dennis: LIVE WITH IT
    [18:46:51] Dennis: LOL
    [18:47:06] Dennis: OR A SWORD
    [18:47:11] Dennis: OR FLOWERS
    [18:47:14] Dennis: OR STARS
    [18:47:21] Dennis: OR A FREE BISHIE
    [18:47:22] Dennis: LMFAO
    [18:47:24] Aimo: LMFAO
    [18:47:28] Aimo: last one sounds good
    [18:47:29] Aimo: XD
    [18:47:41] Dennis: SORRY WE RAN OUT OF STOCK OF THESE
    [18:47:46] Dennis: PLEAS CHOOSE ANOTHER
    [18:47:46] Dennis: XD
    [18:48:35] Aimo: THEN Y U SUGGEST IT?
    [18:48:42] Aimo: SUCH CRUELTY
    [18:48:44] Dennis: LMFAO
    [18:48:55] Dennis: WELCOME TO REALITY
    [18:48:55] Dennis: LOL 
  • Immune to bad sync 2013-10-05 21:05:25 [00:26:22] Emong: "And because my brain is good at becoming immune to bad lip sync after a while of replaying itů.."
    [00:26:23] Emong: lol
    [00:26:25] Emong: this happens to me
    [00:26:28] Emong: but not with lip sync
    [00:26:29] Emong: just regular sync
    [00:26:44] Emong: like if i'm trying to get camera movements right
    [00:26:57] Emong: i just replay some small sequence of my amv again and again
    [00:27:07] Emong: and after a while it starts to look alright
    [00:27:07] Emong: (y)
    [00:29:00] Aimo: OOOOOOOOH HAPPENS TO ME TOO!
    [00:29:01] Aimo: too often
    [00:29:14] Aimo: "it looks bad" -replays 5 times- "actually it looks ok"
    [00:29:23] Aimo: and later after like 835474 times, "it looks good!"
    [00:29:23] Aimo: XD
    [00:29:24] Emong: lmao
    [00:29:33] Emong: that's the way we roll
    [00:29:35] Emong: (y)
    [00:29:54] Aimo: LOL the pro's way of editing (y)
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