JOURNAL: DriftRoot (Lauren C.)

  • @Bashar 2016-02-17 18:41:16 Ah, the old "You say tomato, I say tomato" line.

    hehe, ok who read that properly in their head? No, don't answer that. :P 
  • Wow, I'm out of practice. 2016-02-06 10:18:37 Researching a fancy type of effect to use in an AE...find reports that it takes 4 hours of handwork per second to create... do the math for a 4-minute AMV....tahaaaa! NOPE!

    I've never been one to shirk from spending "the time it takes" to get things done with AMVs, but I've come to realize that if I'd known in advance how much time XYZ was going to take, I probably would have been tahaaaa! Noping! all along. Four hours per second is like...nothing, really I've spent FAR more time than that on a second of footage but pile that on top of all the regular AMV work that has to be done and extend it over the entire video? Ugghh...

    In other news...

    Takeout's life-changing legacy has reared it's ugly head again. Not only did that AMV directly lead to a bad ankle fracture in 2007, followed by a year's worth of misdiagnoses, surgery to remove the fractured bone and years of recovery that never actually concluded, now I've developed tears in the meniscus of my knee, which is in turn inflaming my ankle again and making even getting my groceries a twangy experience.

    Less than two years to the big 4-0. Yikes, almost 20 years as a hardcore anime fan. Let's see, in hobbyist video editing I've seen things evolve from cutting and splicing via VHS to everybody and their 2nd cousins whooping it up with After Effects. I remember when effects-heavy videos were presented like "Ok, people, this is not something you can do so don't even try, this guy's special...and insane," to "WHY AREN'T YOU MORE SPECIAL AND INSANE?! YOU SUCK!" Do people still even debate about "eye candy" anymore? I'm out of the loop... Hrm, what else, oh yes - the rise and fall of the genre known as AMV Hell videos, using downloaded video and music vs. ripping DVDs/CDs (nowadays Blu-Rays for the uber-elite), getting lots of anime swag with contest trophies, mailing contest entries vs. uploading them..and lots of other things. And, of course, the rise of YouTube, the place where my AMVs can be blocked and taken down by vague copyright challenges. :| 
  • Tiddles 2015-11-03 19:14:36 It's recently come to my attention that I'm once again in a creatively... nuclear winter... state. This occurs when I have nothing creatively exciting going on, and at one point was extreme enough to cause of a major career change. That change got me to where I am today, theoretically doing what I want to be doing, but realistically and effectively creatively frustrated.

    This is one reason I've begun to (somehow...) look back on my AMV hobby with a certain fondness. I may have ranted and raved furiously about it, but at least it was a creative outlet, something I cared a lot about and put a huge amount of time and effort into. Watching one of my AMVs just now made me think, "Huh, I wonder how I did that effect," and prompted this post. I learned things as I needed to, and I loved the learning process, but it takes a challenge to get that kind of results. If I'm not challenged (in a reasonable way, not "Go make an Oscar-worthy movie, Lauren!), I'm not going to discover what I'm capable of.

    Now take my dog, Rynne, my second corgi. No, *deletes comments about how great her dog is* that's just being ridiculous. Er hem, sorry...haven't posted in a while and my writing style is rusty. Back to AMVs.

    Was disappointed by the lackuster quality of the new VHD: Bloodlust release. I have been sitting on an AMV concept since 2000 (good lord... have I really been at it this long??) and even cobbled together the opening from DVD footage, but used the excuse of holding out for better video as reason for not going further. Well, it's here and that excuse no longer flies, since it's as good as it's going to get and I'm still not editing again. *SIGH*

    That's more like it, back to my good 'ole "why I can't make XYZ AMV" platform! Heh, I don't even WATCH AMVs anymore, who am I kidding? :) 
  • *crickets* 2015-07-17 19:53:40 I think this has been my quietest year in about a decade at the .Org. Combination of downswing in my anime fandom, lots of general life stress and lack of ideas/motivation for AMVs. It's bad enough that I don't even spend energy complaining about it anymore, you'll notice.

    Today I got a little niggling longing for ye olde hobby, which I tracked down and stomped brutally into the sand. I *live* for those creative moments where everything clicks and falls together exactly as I want it to, that just hardly ever happens (in my experience) where AMVs are concerned.

    *flops* At least VHD: Bloodlust is finally being updated. I'm trying not to think about the CG potential horror also looming. 
  • @ Bashar 2015-06-03 21:54:49 They really don't want me to dispute things. They say bad things will happen it I do. LOL Damned if a do, damned if I don't! Apparently I don't care very much either way, because I haven't done a thing about any of it. It's just not that important to me. I didn't make my videos to get lots of views or whatever, I made them for other reasons, and it's not as if humanity is going to suffer World War III for lack of another 1,000 plays of 'Bustin.

    *sigh* Strange story, I am contributing to the site server fund in part because two of my videos were recently blocked on YouTube. I held out against posting on YT for a number of years, then gave up and also put some things up on the Tube because that's just the way the world was moving. The .Org remains only place I can rely on to host my videos, though, and the danger of server/site failure only emphasizes the importance of supporting this site financially.

    I will not speak for anyone else, but I've put too much time and effort into this hobby to complain if the .Org goes down when I haven't done a thing to support it, monetarily or otherwise. Hosting my videos here is a drain on the site's resources, so yeah, I do owe the .Org. But it's more than that, because this is the only place I trust has as much interest in preserving my videos as I, the creator, do. The .Org probably has MORE interest, actually, because it's attempting to save the legacy of thousands of people, not just one. 
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