JOURNAL: Mol (Michal )

  • missed qc! 2015-10-07 11:56:59 This reminds me that qc system is old XD
    2015-07-19 13:35:14Great AMV! I really enjoyed it!
    Yay! Good to know somebody likes this weird pluginfest :P

    Plot hole:
    2015-10-07 08:05:42really nice, I like the way this is edited!

    O: Guess i have to take it.
    Well hope i find some inspiration for akross this year, will see. Have few kewl ideas but for now i let them ferment ;p.

  • oh ye 2015-09-24 09:57:45

    forgot to mention this thingy. kinda rough, guess 60fps version is a tad less annoying with jumpyness.. but includes some other errors, oh well w/e.  
  • Meh. 2015-07-12 18:47:17 Sucks when i cut out all scenes for project Im interested in making , then drop it lol. :P Maybe its time to try making 2 projects at time xd.  
  • o; 2014-09-28 17:28:26 Stilll trying to fix up my last vid for contest idk if worth the extra effort but impretty satisfied so far. Also damn, Im a lot behind s with anime to watch, guess thats what i get for taking a break from those P:.
    Job hunting kinda sucks , finished schol not so long ago but still xD. Good thing theres plenty of offers so maybe i will get something :P.
  • It's official 2012-05-06 12:42:14 I'm a slowpoke.P: 
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