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    Got another idea for vid but i would rather try something else heh D:. 
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    * 2010-01-14 20:56:22so I returned home after a tiring day at work and decided to watch a video to relax. I sit on my PC and open the announcements forum. unfortunately I could not continue, as a bear suddenly broke the window and attacked the living hell out of me. I started to run, but knowing my wife was on the other room I had to get out the other window. suddenly, a giant elephant comes up to me and gets his eye in my.. well you know. I come back to my senses and suddenly a huge bulldozer is destroying my house. i fall down in despair, and the bear and elephant both take the chance to rape me brutally. 2 months ago I come back to my senses and decide to watch this video. WATCHING THIS WAS MUCH MORE FUCKING TERRIBLE THAN WHAT HAPPENED 2 MONTHS AGO. HOLY SHIT. FUCK. i think my life is done for now.

  • lol 2009-04-01 01:51:07 awsmmedicalvideos ftw. 
  • o: 2009-03-28 05:54:43 editing in 24 Hungarian ic is awesome. :3 
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