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  • Dead stop... 2002-11-07 13:14:59 So I've been working on this video... It's orginially supposed to be a self tutorial into using After Effects. I like After Effects, I will be using it on most of my videos this year, but this practice video I'm at a stand still. It's not really going anywhere, no direction, not that it's supposed to in the first place, but it's more for practice. Maybe I'll finish it, or maybe I'll start my next project. But I want to finish... man, this entry sucks, sorry...

  • Rising Shadow 2002-10-24 13:04:15 Can I use your server? :) 
  • Ha Haaaaa! 2002-10-24 12:15:21 Made you look...

  • People read my journal? 2002-10-16 15:02:12 Okay, in response to Rising Shadow:

    What do I look for in videos these days? It's pretty simple actually. I like to see somebody convey an idea they had to me, and if I get it, then it makes that connection, and to me that is an awesome video.

    Example... The video I thought should of won it all at AnimeUSA got third place in whatever catagory it was in. It was the KOR video done to that techno/trance song. To me after watching that video, the creator used the music with really good editing to tell the story of Kyosuke stuck between two women... Overall I felt the whole theme and idea the creator was trying to convey was his indecisiveness... Now I'm probably taking it way to far than I should, and maybe the creator didn't have this in mind or maybe he did, but that's what art is for, taking away something for yourself, even if it isn't what the artist intended.

    Now, why didn't that video win? Everybody interprets videos different, it helped that I was a KOR fan myself, but the quality on the video wasn't that great either. For the most part, all of our ratings were consistant, except for like one or two videos. The SNK video was awesome, I congradulated the guy afterwards.

    Like Hsien said Saturday night, we all have personal opinions, and that's exactly what they are, personal opinions... PERSONAL people! As in your own! So what's the point of arguing about it!

    Back to work, I'm so behind... BLEAH! 
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