• Happy Day 2002-10-15 11:58:48 I'm glad something is being done about the forums... Maybe if something is done to avoid most of the non-sense I see on there, I might even start posting more... I think Quu is on the right track... Creators only, but then again, any kid with an etcha-sketch can make a DBZ video to various songs that have been overplayed on the radio...

    Which brings me to another rant...

    Saturday night at AnimeUSA, they presented the awards that me, Hsien, Alan, and Tim voted on... The crowd didn't agree with some of our awards, especially best of show. Hsien told me that at one point a person in the crowd said something to the degree of "what do you expect there are novices judging these videos". This once again validates why I only enter my videos to AWA. It is a creator based... Appreciation is there, award or no award. People didn't even respect the Best of Show video at AnimeUSA, because it was different... It didn't have a familiar character, or it didn't make them laugh. It's always been the standard formula to win an AMV contest, but AWA changed all that, and it's probably why I still make videos today. Otherwise, I would probably feel like some of my work is wasted.

    Anyway, I hope a decision can be made about the forums...

  • Oh yeah... 2002-09-30 17:37:07 Hotel rant...

    F' that piece of human dog crap of a hotel. They are lucky I don't class action suit them for locking us all in by not opening the stairs. What if there was a fire? Retards... Oh, the bag man to check our stuff so we could go have lunch sucked, he saw us all and walked away after telling a person to just put there bag in there... Lame...

    and finally, WHAT KIND OF HOTEL DOESN'T LET YOU CHECKOUT ON THE TV! Get with technology people...

    I'm totally not impressed with the hotel this year, and glad it won't be there next year... Locking the doors on the stairs was absolutely ridiculous, and it caused a major bottle-neck on the elevators.

    Oh and the guy giving me hard time on Sunday to go down the elevator to go up... Get un-bent...

  • AWA... For me... To poop on! 2002-09-30 17:26:30 Actually, no freakin' way was AWA, FOR ME TO POOP ON!

    I met some awesome people last weekend, and this had to be by far the most amazing AWA I have ever attended. Minus the hotel, which I will rant about shortly.

    So it all began Thursday... I couldn't get any work done, didn't matter because I finished ahead of time so I had no worries when I went to AWA. So I leave for Regan, 2 hour delay, it was raining, I sucked it up.

    The flight sucked, I wasn't feeling well after a sandwhich I had at the airport. I even passed up my free drink on the plane.

    So I got in, and all of us showed up around the same time. We ended up hanging out in the VAT room, and I met a bunch of new faces.

    *Disclaimer* I'm not naming who I met and who I didn't, and who I don't remember. Because I know I'll leave somebody out, and then I'll feel bad. But for those I met, and hung out with, you know who you are! :)
    My memory sucks these days, plus I drank enough to kill a Walrus... So for the sake of making myself look like a prick... I love you all, don't hate me. :)

    Just a quick list of what I drank... Thursday, a glass of sprite and congnac... Friday, 6, count them... 6 Sobe bottles filled with the infamous James's Frat Punch... What a world... Saturday, two bottles of some fine wine (two of the best Cab Sav's I'd had to date, have to pick up another bottle of each), and two glasses of punch... Sunday... three beers (that's right, I wasn't done, even after the con!)...

    Okay, so Friday I get up, and my buddy Chae picks me, Wendy, Chris, Alan and Joe up for some Brazillian BBQ. Fogo De Chao, I love you...

    After that we headed back to the con to chill and watch the pro contest and laugh it up with friends. Random punch runs were made... And ladies and gentlemen, for the first time, the punch has been killed on the first night... BRAVO!

    I can't really think back that far actually, all I remember really, is hanging out around the table, meeting people and chatting it up. I do remember ending up in my room for a while with some people, but I didn't want to keep the poor old lady next to me awake any longer, so I said screw it.

    Unless you guys want to hear my puking story? Hmmm... I think you guys do...

    Okay, so, over the years of college drinking, I've learned my limit, I've passed out cold in two occasions not remembering what happened, and from this, I've learn two things... 1) When I go numb... Stop... 2) for god sakes eat something before consuming alcohol...

    So it is very rare that I get sick... But I did, for a very short period of time. So all has died down for the night... And I lay in bed, and Joe is chillin' and watching ESPN. And all the sudden I don't feel so good. So as previously learned, I knew it would be a good idea to go make myself toss my cookies.

    So, I tell Joe, "Hey, I'll be right back, I'm going to make myself yack!". Which he wasn't too sure how to respond. :)

    So off to the bathroom I go... YACK!

    So I'm yacking right, it's this god awful pink from the punch... and I'm puking... and puking... and I stop... Ahhh, all done... Nope, two more rounds... but here is the kicker...

    All the sudden, this huge chunk of pizza I had not three hours comes flying out of my mouth. Now granted, I wouldn't even be bringing this story up, but this piece of pizza was HUGE! I was like, "How did I swallow this in the first place?!?!?". Seriously, did two pieces of pizza I ate merge together and make a bigger chunk of pizza in my stomach, and then flew out of my mouth. I'm not kidding, when it hit the water (or well, the pink liquid that contaminated the toilet water), it splashed so hard I had to jump and miss it hitting me in the eye. After that, I knew I was done, or rather, I was afraid to expunge any more fluid from my body in the fear of my spleen shortly following.

    Yeah, those that's my puking story, hope you guys laughed. :) I know I did... BTW, it saved me from having any incling of a hangover the next day. :)

    So Saturday! Go Hokies! Went to Chae's for brunch and watched the Va. Tech game, we won of course! Whoo Hooo!

    Came back, and it was almost time for the awards, dressed up, got my bottles of wine, and headed down. All the videos were awesome, hands down. One of the best contests I've watched to date.

    After that, it's party time! I thew a big party in my room, and I can't believe everybody came, thanks! Because there was no way that punch was going to get finished! :) So I met even more people, chatted it up. Went down to the dance for a bit to see what's up, came back, hung out more, chatted it up.

    After the party we all headed downstairs to chill outside, after that I headed to bed. Woke up, did my panel where I filled the room with candles! Yeah! Thanks for all who attened, "An Intimate Moment with RYS". Hahahaha...

    Then, it was time to say goodbye... I'll miss you all, let me know what cons you are attending, I'll try to come hang. Hope some of you can make it to AnimeUSA. Where the Corbo bash will be in full swing.

    But, I think overall, and I hope we all kinda learned something from all this before the con stuff, and then finally meeting people in person. We're all nice people, we're not out to hurt one another's feelings. We might not agree on stuff all the time, but who does... It's much easy to say things on a forum or chatroom, but it's much harder to express an objective opinion to somebodies face. Besides we all go to these cons to have a good time, and who cares who did what video to what song somebody else did or shouldn't done, blah blah blah, or if we THINK it isn't the most original video in the world. It's just OUR opinion... So what's the point... I guess what I'm saying is... Love your AMV friends... but don't LUUUUUUUUUV your AMV friends... :)

    AIM me anytime guys, my screen name is Paikuhan...


  • NYC Baby! 2002-03-20 20:09:39 What? You want to put cream and sugar in my coffee for me?

    That's right! Last weekend I took a trip into the big apple with my buddy Matt. I would have to say it was the most interesting weekend I've had in a while, my friend Brian made sure it stayed that way continously through the entire weekend. :)

    It all began Thursday afternoon, rather excited that Chipotle was giving out free burritos celebrating the extended hours. Yes, now you can get a burrito after 5pm all the way until 10pm. I'll tell you right now, somebody didn't do their marketing homework, because in Crystal City after 6pm is a friggin' Ghost Town. Maybe one day buisnesses will figure out that once work let's out down there, nobody is around. I almost feel sorry for the employee's at Chipotle, hopefully they have a TV with cable so they can watch TELEMUNDO! Because they will be lucky to get more than 5 customers in a night.

    Anyway, enough of my Crystal City rant, yeah so Chipotle was giving out free burritos, but the line was out the door and around the corner, so Hunter and I decided to head to the Metro. With bags and hand I hopped on the blue line over to the red, and met Matt at Union Station Uno, where I preceeded to have a weak ass Long Island Iced Tea and a Sam Adams, accompanied by a lovely Cesear Salad (because I'm watching my girlish figure). We then hit the book store where I picked up this fruity novel which is pretty good so far, and we went and got on our train.

    It took us 3.5 hours to get to New York Penn Station, and we immediately took the subway down to Fulton and hit Brian's place. Brian greeted us with his typical New York greeting, "Hey, welcome to the blast radius!", I swear that boy is about as politically correct as my Italian uncle after 3 glasses of wiskey and ginger ale. So we immediately went down to Jubilee's (little corner store with everything) and picked up some beer, and went back to Brian's and watched Boyz in the Hood. We talked most of the time, and sooner or later it was time for bed. Brian had to work the next day, and we had a long day of walking around seeing New York.

    So Friday we woke up, and Brian went to work, and Matt and I showered (seperately) and started our day with coffee and a bagel from Jubilee's. We then walked down to the seaport and checked out that area. We picked up some tickets to see ground zero and while we were watching watching a Mime bend up ballons for kids, pretty cute. I told Matt I would give him $20 bucks to go ask the Mime for a double ended phalic object, but he refused... O'well, maybe next time. :)

    We got our tickets and our viewing time was 3:30pm, so we had plenty of time to tour around as planned. So we walked up to the J&R shops. Wow, electronics as far as the eye can see... I've still got wood. I went into the music store and picked up the new Citizen Cope CD, which I highly recommend.

    After J&R we decided to walk over to Chinatown and see all the nice sites, one of the first being a nice little corner video store. Matt walked in first and I was right behind him, all until Matt looked at the video screen to find a porno playing, and a guy removing a women's underwear. To which Matt was suprised, because some old Chinese lady was starting at him going "Yeah, you like that don't you!". So Matt turned around, with me laughing the whole time, and quickly exiting with him. Oh yes, and on another note, the Hello Kitty shop was right next store. So I find this really cool, because I guess in NYC you can get your porn shopping done, as well as pick up a Batz Maru eraser head... Bloody Brilliant...

    So we walked around Chinatown, taking in the various bootlegs. At one point we went into this little hobby show, where the owner whips out an old playboy to show this kid a car in it. Makes perfect sense right?

    Then I found the mecha, a candy shop. All kinds of candy I have never had, I filled up a bag, filled with all types of different candy. It cost me about 11 bucks.

    After Chinatown we decided to head down to Rockafeller center. We saw the ice skating rink, and went straight across to a wine shop and then the japanese book store, which had the most beautiful set of Miyazaki cells ever. I was highly impressed. After that we decided food would be nice, so we picked up a slice of crappy pizza nearby, then found a subway stop and went down to the Virgin Megastore.

    Now I was in heaven, alas, I bought nothing, I had about three CDs in my hand, but I just couldn't spend the money, I have been trying to save money (then why are you in NYC Jason?). Hey! Holding back on buying CDs is pretty good for me. :)

    Anyway, Matt bought Brian Fudoh, a fine piece of japanese cinema. And we headed back to Brian's place to chill and get some downtime before he gets off work, because who knew what he had in store for us. :)

    I actually fell asleep for an hour, which felt good. :) Then Brian came home and we went down to Chinatown for dinner, I had some meatballs and beef noodle soup, and a Kiwi drink that wasn't that great. After dinner we began our journey to find a place called the 10 spot. We walked an insane amount, but we finally found it, and we were right on time! We walked up only to find a wall painted all grey, with a red light hanging off of it. I just started laughing and told Brian, "Now this is what I came to NYC for!". We paid 10 bucks, and got a free beer with it, then beers were only two bucks after that! Brian said it was a first to get 2 dollar beers ever in NYC, so I felt privledged, even in D.C. that is rare. The show was great, interactive, and we met the cast afterwards, and they were REALLY nice. They showed us the equipment in the back, and this evil looking puppet that even could of passed for that little bastard in Poltergeist that still haunts me to this day <twitch twitch>.

    After the show it was time to find Jason a bathroom! I tried using the one at the 10 spot, but I don't think the bartender got my little phone booth joke (ask me in person about that story, it's too long to write here). So my journey began, after getting shut down from one gas station, one guy was nice enough at the Mobile to let me use theirs.

    We found a subway and treked back to Brian's, where we hung out at Annie's (Brian's girlfriend) and talked to people there for a while, then went back to Brian's and drank more beer and watched Fudoh. Which Brian absolutely loved. :) After that sleep was in order. Brian stayed up with his friend Christopher, and we hit the sack.

    We woke up at 6:30am on Saturday because we had to move to Brian's girlfriend's apartment down the hall so that Brian's cleaning lady could do her thing. So we slept there for a few hours and then woke up and chatted it up with Annie and her roommates, and this guy Brenden who passed out drunk the night before.

    Finally around noon the cleaning lady was done and we went back to Brian's and showered up and went right downstairs to Benny Thai. The food was okay, I've definitely had better, but the Thai Iced Tea was by far the best. I got fried rice, so what did I expect, I guess I expected it to be like Thai Pilan's... Mmmmm, Thai Pilan's fried rice... <gaaaaaaarraaaraa>.

    After Benny Thai, we decided it was time for a nap. So we took a nice three hour nap. We then got up and went to find a show at the Flamboyant Theater. It was a play called "The Bomb" performed by Wow International, and it was supposed to be 30 actors on 30 years of history. We got there late and had to get on a list, and unfortunately we couldn't get in. There was a man or a woman in a female penguin suit (lipstick on the beak). So I started flirting with the penguin in hopes that we might get in. Although the penguin was obviously falling for it, the guy closing the door on us wasn't. I said goodbye to the penguin, and we went about our way. We then tried to go see a movie about an Indian marriage, called <something> Monsoon, but that was sold out, I guess it was good, because it was the only sold out show. So we then ended up at another indie film theater and saw Amelie at the suggestion of a friend of mine. It was awesome, I loved it. My friends said it was out on DVD, I hope so because I am going to get it. After that we headed back to Brian's and picked up two large can of Kirin Ichiban and a sandwich. Brian's friend Rachel came over and we relaxed and watched Blade Runner. By then it was time to hit the sack. We all crashed and Matt and I woke up at 8am so we could catch our train at 10:10am. I wish we could of stayed longer that day, but the only way we could get the deal for the tickets was to travel at the restricted times. O'well...

    The train ride back was standard, 3.5 hours again, read some of my book and listened to my mini-disc player. Overall it was an awesome weekend I don't think I will be forgetting anytime soon. There was much more to this weekend than what I wrote down here, and I'm sure I'll tell you all about it in person a million times if I see you. :)

    I did learn something about New York City and myself, I couldn't live there. I think it takes a certain person to do it, and it's not me, I enjoy the simple life too much.

    With that said, I hope you guys enjoy the report, I will put it up on my website when I get a chance. And thanks to Annie and Brian, who are awesome, I had a great time guys, can't wait to see you again, and also have you down to D.C. sometime. Miss you guys already.

    Oh yes, I picked up three funny phrases this weekend. Two are from the subway, and one is from Brian's friend Christopher.

    - "I know I have a lot of Zima in me, but I can still caulk!"
    - Christopher Porter

    - "You know... Some people are allergic to ice cream."
    - Subway Guy #1

    - "If a woman tells you what to do, she is a lesbian"
    - Subway Guy #2
  • Everybody needs... a hobby... 2002-01-23 11:41:00 So in honor of my glorious government job, I had a four day weekend last weekend... Friday was my normaly Friday off because I work a 9/8/5 schedule, which is great. And then MLK day on Monday. So what did I do with myself?

    Well, on Friday I hung out with my friend Mary. I met her at my previous job at the start-up company. We saw a Beautiful Mind, which was really good, I enjoyed it, a little slow at the start, but it all came together at the end. After that we went our seperate ways, and I decided to start work on my new video. The problem with that is, I didn't know what song I was going to use, I had a list of ten, all for the same compilation of footage I had planned on using.

    So I was looking through my list, and then it just hit me. The song wasn't even on my list. I picked Secret Smile by Semisonic. Why you ask? Well, I'll save that for another journal entry. :)

    But I will say this, I captured and layed out the video in that four day weekend, I just need to do massive clean up now. Inspiration can be a beautiful thing.

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