JOURNAL: )v(ajin Koji (Peter Bray)

  • Eh, Back From Spain 2004-08-27 19:36:43 Got Back From Spain about a week ago.

    5 Month anniversary for me and Liz this weekend, I'm gonna trya nd be romantic : O

    Starting a new AMV next week, it will be very original I can tell you : P.

    That's All 
  • Whoopay! 2004-07-11 11:05:13 Went to a gig last night, Thaed played which is always good, but a Rage Against The Machine wannabe band played too. They played all their own stuff except that they played "Killing In The Name" (sololess though) which was damn cool.

    That's All Guys. 
  • Off To London 2004-06-04 11:59:53 I found 30 in my room a little while ago so I'm off to London with my gf and a mate. probably get drunk stagger back to her place and cavort : P


    That's All Guys. 
  • What Am I Gonna Do This Weekend? 2004-05-07 13:09:50 Meh, so BORED!

    Getting a new phone.

    AMV Ideas aplenty

    Bai z Bai! 
  • Art Journals Soound Like a Good Idea... 2004-05-05 11:35:58 Hey,

    Went and saw "Cat in the Hat" last monday with Liz-VERY trippy movie, going to see "Van Hellsing" this Friday-hopefully with her (she has a thing about vampires ^_^).

    New AMV ideas are on hold seeing as I need a new computer.

    I miss you Jacob! :' [

    One last thing, I learnt to play "Hysteria" by "Muse" it sounds uber funkay.

    That's All Guys 
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