JOURNAL: KawaiiYume4o8 (Nikki )

  • 1 more week 2003-09-13 14:51:09 aa, 1 more week till college hits!! 1 more week till endless amounts of homework...1 more week until a t1 line!! muahahahah. Well, Im pretty excited to move out, though im a really homesick gal, but it's not like Im halway across the country from home...only 30 minutes. haha. As an addition to the vast amounts of *STUFF* Im bringing to the dorm, I just bought 2 lil critters people wouldnt even think a girl like me would even buy...but i did. 2 lil hermit crabs. hehe. Not that great of a pet, but hey, at least I can have it in a dorm, unlike hamsters or a dog that are prone to have people allergic to them. Yes, I just got the series Ai yori Aoshi yesterday too, I have to finish it before the week is over. Then I'll get down to REALLY preparing. hehe. Well, I hope you guys have a nice day and

    to all the suicidal people out there: If you're gonna kill yourself, just do it. It's clear that you attention getters aren't getting enough attention in your real life, so you need to do it online with people you hardly know and will probably never meet. They probably don't give a hardy shit about whether you die or not, and will certainly not start after you've pretended to "die". So do us all have-livers out there a favor and leave your messed up life to yourself. Also, if you say you're leaving the org, then leave. You don't need to keep checkin back on whether or not somebody missed you. There, that's my lil opinion for the day. 
  • Are we that confusing!? o.o 2003-08-26 18:16:10 haha oh man tutter, didn't know you had that much trouble with us chinese lol I was laffing way too hard when you wrote about ur lil incident with your first CD store. I can imagine the faces already lol. Lucky, you found a great anime store over where you were. Dang, we only have 2 lil small ones here in Cali, and they don't even have anything. bleh. Hope you have fun^^

    Lovely day today, I finally ripped all my dvds and converted them to avi. Now im ready to edit baby!! yesh!! Im surprised tho, that no one has used the anime that im using..or if they did, it went by a different name, though i doubt it. Hmm...right. EDIT TIME if only Premiere would stop being a bitch and actually let me import the damn files.... 
  • O.O 2003-08-25 21:04:06 aaaaaa mans!!! Im being way too lazy!!! I gotta do so much stuff like pack for college, get ready for college, study for college, pay for college, ....and that sort...and I've only done about half of what I'm already suppose to have done..buubuu U_U. N e hu, today was a rather nice day, majorly hot, but got some shopping done, yay! I finally have sum stuff to wear for college now. lol. Ok, besides that, I downloaded a video yesterday by MeriC, Im sure nearly every1 has heard of her, her latest one called "Deceptive Passions"....ooh *swoon* it was great. One of the best amvs ive seen so far. I highly suggest you go and download it.. ^^ Hmm..yeah..that's it...had Costco pizza for was yummy. ^^That's it. Have a nice day ^^

    "When life turns it's back on you, run up to it and kick it in the ass, it'll turn right back around!"-Me ^^ 
  • Finally up.. 2003-08-19 15:14:43 Well, I finally got the vid up cuz I compressed it down to MPEG rather than Xvid. The quality didn't go down all the bad as I expected it ^^ Please do go check it out ^^ 
  • Genki Tutter ^^ 2003-08-15 14:53:29 It's great to hear you're yourself again! yay ^^No problem with the email, Im just happy you got it ^^ Great to hear ur finished with ur vid, can't wait to see it ^^Chin up, smile on, strut ur stuff, baby!! U got it! 
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