JOURNAL: KawaiiYume4o8 (Nikki )

  • AHH! 2003-08-14 15:24:28 AHH!! I hate this! I just finished a cute lil vid and because of my stupid 56k modem, the upload to the ftp keeps disconnecting with sum stupid unknown error! Ahh, I'm so angry. *growl* 
  • New AMV! 2003-08-06 11:42:34 Alright! I finally finished my Ayashi no Ceres vid- Fate of Destiny. Gotta say, it took up a good 3 days for everything. The quality turned out a lot better than my other vids but it's not as great as I thought it would be. But beggers can't be choosers so I'm happy with it. 1 down, 2 to go. ^^ Do go and check it out, please? hehe. Ja ne! 
  • peh 2003-08-03 18:55:48 A journal here is for all to see buddy 
  • Learning chinese? 2003-08-01 02:04:06 to whom this may concern haha. So your learning chinese too huh. May be actually easier since many of the japanese characters arent simplified and are actually chinese characters that more or likely so to mean the same thing. Yea. I know in Kindom Hearts 2 you play Riku. As I said, I unlocked the preview for it and saw it. SOO COOL!!! hehe Ja ne! 
  • AHH!! INUYASHA MOVIE 2 baby!!! 2003-07-30 14:37:41 AHH!!! My cousin just got the inuyasha movie 2 today and is gonna send me it through the mail! Whoo!! Too long have i waited and now its here.!!! puaahahah. *goes and waits by the mailbox* 
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