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  • rawwrrr 2010-05-04 22:12:07 need new premiere, need windows 7 and um.... 30 hours in a day (or the ability to function without sleep)
    Finally got some more ideas for editing ... all the footage my spy cameras have been picking up in Niotex's bathroom.

    I should auction off the nekked mitchtex video - bidding starts at 3 boxes of pocki 
  • MP4... some people still fail 2010-01-27 19:20:06 i supose i shouldn't be suprised but i am, i still get comments about ppl not being able to play mp4 videos.... take my last 4 videos for example over half the QCs are from ppl who cant get it to play, it's really not that fugging hard to install a codec pack or google "how to play mp4" and here we are in 2010 where they've been used for years... and still ppl fail at it. I supose it shouldn't suprise me too much after all

    I remember getting QCs on the first few xvid avi's i encoded with that ppl couldn't play them and why didn't i use .wmv >_< 
  • It livessss 2009-08-12 20:31:24 well kinda, been hiding offline for months XD, just didn't feel like chatting or foruming, then i got a kick in the ass by Niotex so i suppose i should start talkign again XD

    harro again ppl 
  • Australian Bushfire Update 2009-02-12 19:13:39 So the death toll rises to 181, there are still 21 fires burning with one of those thought extinguished blazing back to life, the fires are moving on putting more towns under threat and moving nearer to the outskirts of the city of melbourne.
    The hunt for arsonists continues with several people being arrested but let go as they were just loitering in the wrong area at the wrong time. Over 1000 properties/homes destroyed.
    Donations for the relief effort from the public have topped $45 million, considering our population is around 22million, that's a hefty effort.
    One of our 2 Major supermarket chains (Coles)has been providing free water, toiletries and other supplies to the thousands of displaced people and also have a donation point at all of their checkouts, all profit from their 927 stores made today will go to the relief fund. MacDonalds is doing a similar donate deal in my state only tho, but it's 20% of every sale in the peak period and will pay $2 for every $1 that the public donate at the restaurants during that same time.

    I have been getting some strange emails about donating for animals affected by the fires, they don't want money just supplies to deal with burn victims, to be honest I hadn't really thought about the animal impact at all until my inbox started filling up with email requests.
    Looking at the paper they estimate that over 1 million native animals died many of them from endangered species such as gliders, lizards etc.

    A couple more editors have checked in as being "safe".... and that's about all i got from 3 days of papers and newspaper blurbs (there's a lot of rubbish and sensationalism in there to be honest)

    now it's back to work for me.  
  • Australia on Fire 2009-02-10 20:03:45 So I wake and log into chats just for a few minutes in the morning before work as I occasionally do, primarily to catch up with some of the other judges for the SPARTA IC tourney and harass maximoffzero (who probably thinks i'm stalking him <.< >.> which I'm not "reeeeaaaallly"). Anyway within 60 seconds of signing in while msn/aim are still thinking about load up I get whacked with 15 im's from different people asking if i was ok and the fires weren't near my house.
    awww feel teh lub <3 except from Jannis (you're dumped now, no excuses!! :p)

    Anyway so I thought I'd head off another IM attack at the pass and just make a journal entry instead to let people outside Australia know what's going on.

    1. There's a state called Queensland which is 60% flooded, QLD is roughly 3 times the size of Texas in the US(so that should give you an idea as to the sheer amount of water and flooding) this is where *shudders* Steve Irwin spent most of his time, it's mostly tropical and the great barrier reef (one of the 7 natural wonders of the world) is as well as the fox studios that made the matrix and all sorts of other touristy things. The only editor that I know of in QLD is Purge (from Amvience studios) So fear not the legendary pokemon/ninja of amvience is alive and well and still posting... although being a ninja that might be a decoy >.>

    2. there are fires in several states (including my own, but that's under control and some idiots are going to jail for setting it), the ones that have been on the news internationally are in a state called Victoria, and it's not 1 fire but several all over the state, there have been a few smaller fires that have joined together.
    In what is being toted by the media as "The worst natural disaster in Australia's History" most reports are about the group of fires that joined and destroyed the town of kinglake and 6 towns around it the fire is 63kms from Melbourne which is the second largest city in Australia. the Death tool for the state is 130 and rising, over 30 people in critical condition in hospital with burns to more that 30% of their bodies, several hundred others presenting to various hospitals with other more minor injuries (burns, smoke inhalation, various injuries). Some snap shots from the paper of what it's like down there.
    "kinglake looks like a bomb went off, everything is flattened and scorched"
    "the fire fighters and police are treating the area's as crime scenes there are crispy bodies just lying in the street, elderly couples burnt to death in their own homes, people in their cars that were trying to flee and were burnt to death in their cars."
    "We were sitting around having dinner, when a man stumbled onto our back porch he was covered in burns with flesh just hanging off him holding onto a small girl who was also burnt but not as badly, and he just came up to us and said 'My wife and my other daughter are dead, all I ask is that you save my daughter' at which point he collapsed on their porch and the we took them and left" This last one reminds me a bit of a zombie movie from the description -_-; , that family got out alive by heading his warning and the girl is ok, the father is dead.
    A royal commission has been established to investigate whether the fires were deliberately lit, most Aussies are not that stupid it's been 46.5 degrees C down in Victoria even the train track were buckling in the heat, so it don't take much to start a blaze. The prime minister has said that it's not so much arson as it is "Mass Murder", but we'll see what the investigation turns up. Meanwhile the fires are still burning and the firefighters haven't slept in 3-4 days, they are considering calling in the defence force to add extra manpower.
    Now I don't live near Victoria (8 hours drive away), but the following editors do: Infinity squared, Yues Woman, Blue train, Evil tom (plus some others that you don't see on the forums). Infinity squared is doing well... on holiday in Japan. Yues woman used to live in kinglake and had family there but they are all ok, Blue train is also ok(lives in Melbourne itself), and we haven't heard from evil tom, but i think i've seen him online on msn.

    The following editors live nowhere near the fires: Lockstock, Prodigi, OropherZero, shinnie, sweetdeily, KWC, server, rei_zero, prYzm, bob ... and i can't remember other names off hand x_x.

    So long story short, not to worry we are all fine (just waiting for tom to report in). There's some discussion on if you are interested in it. 
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