JOURNAL: VicBond007 (Victor Boruta)

  • 2004-07-29 11:56:53 New video out. Leaving for Otakon. Rabbits eat lettuce. 
  • 0wn3d! 2004-01-23 12:43:03 Ashyukun: Nice to see I'm not the only person who got 0wn3d by the .org this year. Even though you made a conscious decission to keep your video, and I just plain didn't know WTF was going on until it was too late ^^
    Funny, if non-anime videos are such a big deal, how hard would it have been to write a script to nuke anything tagged as such? I'm guessing 3 minutes but it may require more than 5 lines of code, I don't know. Oh well. Such as life. I guess I don't really need a VCA, I've got a green jacket instead ^.~ 
  • Lens flares rawk! 2003-10-09 17:14:36

    Whoever made that banner, I owe them a drink. 
  • /me hops on bandwagon 2003-09-29 22:43:39 AWA Masters Entry
    Title: Charcoal Sketched Dreams
    Anime: Haibane Renmei
    Song: Message #9
    Adobe Premiere: Haha, yeah right. 
  • It's Tricky... 2003-08-14 20:58:41 To edit sober. 
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