JOURNAL: VicBond007 (Victor Boruta)

  • free=teh suck 2003-08-14 13:40:12 is having trouble picking up. I blame da worm. Anyways, use to get at my stuff.
  • Eva Renewal 2003-08-12 17:50:46 I should be editing. It's all Jeff's fault. 
  • Night of the living dead (website) 2003-02-21 13:01:53 I'm back. I'm not going to say how, but I'm back, and I'm pretty sure ya'll are going to enjoy my new server, especially since my latest video has just been added to the collection!

    I'll whip up a con report after I get un-sick. It was a rough, but fun FIVE DAY CON. 
  • I'm so broke, I can't even afford HKs... 2003-02-07 16:05:50 help me out, buy my crap!

    Quote of the day
    VicBond007: Wow, I'm actually sick of hearing myself talk. I never thought I'd live to see the day! 
  • Got no moneeeeey... 2003-01-28 10:54:40 Now taking pre-orders on the VicBond007 volume 1 DVD. See this thread for more details.

    Off to work! 
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