JOURNAL: turboneko (Marco & Cristina)

  • ? 2003-10-25 19:06:50 After 16+ straight hours writing security code, I am starting to see cipher text on my own ass.

    Leaving tomorrow for Microsoft PDC in LA, I'll be back next friday.

    .. not that anyone cares :p 
  • Editing... again... 2003-10-16 00:19:27 Finally started my AniMix part 4 track... it feels good to be editing again ^_^ 
  • AWA 2003-09-28 23:45:22 AWA... 9... was... a... blast...

    DDR3 kicked major ass: awsome job everybody! 
  • SarahtheBoring... 2003-09-05 11:27:52 ... YOU ARE NOT A WASTE for God's sake... you should never never and again NEVER let you so down!

    You maintain yourself, you pay your bills on your own... you SHOULD NOT STOP BEING PROUD OF IT!

    I've experienced this myself: live your life and enjoy it. Screw the others. Screw comparisons. If you don't like your life then try to make a change...

    ...but do not waste your time in thinking "Geez, I wish I was a rich motherfucker".

    It doesn't do any good... really.

    </end rant mode> 
  • 2003-08-19 14:43:50 I've just seen the biggest ant EVER. I mean, it was really huge... made me wonder "what do you guys feed to ants in US?" :p

    The girls in the office were all "OMG! That's gross!!" but I didn't felt like killing the poor thing, so I took an empty cup, captured it and let it free outside.

    What an afternoon...

    This evening we will be volunteering again. Me and Cristina go to the Mansfield Animal Shelter each tuesday to take care of the cats in there. We already had about 20 cats when, last week, somebody surrended 51 (yes, FIFTY ONE) cats just from one house. All the volunteers available for fostering are completely full, the shelter is full... I feel so bad for the poor animals. Hopefully we'll be able to find a new home for everybody soon...

    I wish I had the time and the ideas to make more AMVs...
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