JOURNAL: turboneko (Marco & Cristina)

  • 2003-08-18 16:26:05 tutter: amen. Most of the people can't recognize a good AMV even if it barks in front of them and bites their ass: how are they supposed to make good videos?

    To make good AMVs you have to:

    1) Watch a lot of AMVs
    2) Watch a number of good AMVs
    3) Watch a large amount of crappy AMVs
    4) Pratice pratice pratice

    If you've seen 2 or 3 vids and went off doing yours... unless you are an art student (and even sometimes if you are) DO NOT pimp your video and DO NOT pimp yourself... 'cause it probably sucks.

    It's not being elitist.

    It's not being harsh.

    It's just pure and simple mathematics and common sense. First try to understand what makes a good AMV (the concept people, the friggin' SOLID concept), then start your journey into the trial and error mechanism.

    Current mood: annoyed.

    Current video: idea for a crappy parody which (probably) will never see the light.

    Waaaaaaariooooooors.... come out to plaaaaaaaaaaaay.....
  • AWA 2003-08-13 16:17:53 From Kusoyaro's journal:

    > AWA Pro video: 100% and submitted
    Us: AWA Pro skipped due complete incapacity of meeting deadlines plus a definite lack of ideas

    > AWA Masters video: 100% and submitted
    Us: with no Pro video is there any chance to enter the masters?!? Plus, we got the invasion of the relatives :roll:

    > DDR3: 50%
    Us: this will be probably the only thing completed, making slepless nights to meet the deadline. Bottomline: complete lack of organization.

    > Current video: 0% (starting tonight)
    Us: HA!

    > Project w/ AD and BBT: 5%
    Us: sigh... multi-kickass editor project. Well, maybe next year :double roll:

    > AWA Expo video 1: 2%
    Us: if we submit Cristina's AniBo video we might have a chance of entering the Expo

    > AWA Expo video 2: 0%
    Us: we really want to make this crappy parody vid for the Expo, but when the relatives will leave we'll have just 4 (four!) days before the deadline: complete suicide.

    Sorry for hijacking your journal Hsien :p

    Our AMV life sucks >_<
  • life sucks 2003-08-07 13:04:29 see above 
  • squeezed 2003-08-07 07:58:35 My parents eventually arrived. Together with my brother. Together with Cristina's brother. That makes six people in a tiny little apartment like ours.

    It's not too bad when you learn to inhale when the others exhale...

    ... oh well ...

    The worst thing is that we can't access the computer anymore... and this means Hsien is going to kick our lazy DDR assess quite soon.


    We still have plan B though... everybody will be out for four days starting next monday. That gives us four nights to finish two DDR tracks...

    ...with a couple of gallons of coffee we should be all set...

    No, seriously. I think that we partly deserve this since we started way too late working on our tracks. Luckily we are almost done at this point (Cristina is 90% complete, I am 85%), so DDR will be all set. It's sad that we didn't have the time to enter PRO, we will not enter masters for sure and, if we don't do another 4 nights tour de force starting the 25th (when my parents will leave) we'll have nothing new for expo as well.


    I just want to sleep. 
  • the hell 2003-08-01 08:04:20 Hehe... you can tell how many have been in "abstinence" of uploading after the carrot closed the door: 49 vids only yesterday :O

    On the plus side, got 512 PC2100 DDR from Circuit City for just $34.95 so now we are up to 1GB of ram, whohooo (yeah, yeah, whatever)

    On the neg side, I feel completely worn out and I don't even understanad why. I started working on my DDR track yesterday evening around 10:30... at 12:30 I hit the preview button on AE...

    ... the next thing I remember is that I bumped my forehead on the keyboard.

    Geez... sometimes I ask myself how I am able to pass out so quickly .

    I seriously hope that Hsien doesn't make me change it, because this sucker is taking my life away... but it's a nice video and I like it ^_^

    Cristina is also near to completition: we plan to do a 48 hours nonstop this weekend and tie all the stuff up... hopefully we'll make it. 
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