• Got what I need for the new PC! 2015-12-07 03:28:26 Thanks to those who helped! Sorry for not mentioning it sooner 
  • So for anyone who built a editing PC..... 2015-11-22 01:00:06 Got any advice for a newbie. I'm wanting my build my next PC but I'm pretty new to this. Doesn't help that no longer live near Fry's so I would have to order everything online and without someone help. So yea... I don't where to ask. If anyone can send me a PM that would great.

    All I'm really looking for is a nice editing PC. Nothing too fancy. If is can do some gaming (nothing triple A would be played on it but I would like to be able to run Dolphin) that would be a plus but not that big of a deal. I know I need at least a Intel i5 (sorry I'm forgetting which one). Also really wanting a blu-ray drive so I can finally rip the blu-rays I own. Budget is $800. I can go a bit higher but really wanting to keep it around that. I'm planning on getting a Elgato HD60 Pro for game capture but I'm keeping that separated from the budget.

    So any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it's just a pcpartpicker list. Just as long as I get pointed in the right directions cause right now I'm just going in circles. Thanks in advance. 
  • Anime Crossroads 2016 MV contest is live! 2015-10-26 13:48:14

    Have a new way to submit videos and rules/requirements have been changed to make it easier for people to submit their entries! Looking forward to another awesome year! 
  • Remaster Butterfly 2015-05-27 21:27:37 So I finally replaced the old version of Where Silence Falls with it's remaster. Editing the same just looks a hell of a lot better. Still a lot of in-footage noise and gain because you can't really remove that but it's a lot clearer and parts that were really blocky before are now less so. Also fixed a lot of the color issues. So yea same video just a bit shinier.

    There the link if anyone interested in a remaster of a almost 3 year video XD 
  • 10 years 2015-05-22 20:49:52 So today marks 10 years since I've been a member of the org. Despite a lot of the drama and downfalls I don't regret it. I meant some amazing people on here, one of which I call my best friend and even though I don't edit as much as I like to I'm proud of what I've done, good and bad.

    Not much else to say other then I wish I had a video for today (or at the least be able to replace a older video with a remaster version) but I don't. My current computer is on it's last legs and trying to edit on it is a pain. Hopefully will be able to replace it soon. Till then there the new opening XD 
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