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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Where Silence Falls
  • Premiered: 2012-09-27
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    • Broken Iris Where Butterflies Never Die
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  • Comments: Announcement Thread

    AWA Pro 2012: Best Drama winner
    Sands of Anime 2014: Best Drama 2nd place

    *This video has been replace with a remaster version. So if you have the old version please re-download the new remaster!*

    Do not re-upload this anywhere or I'll turn you into a Kusabi and throw you into the *. It already on my YouTube account so it doesn't need to be on yours. If you want to share it link back here.

    Kinda funny that in my other Fatal Frame video I said that would be the only time I make one with video game footage. Hard to believe it been 5 years since then.

    Okay before watching a few things need to be made clear.

    This game is the new 2012 Wii remake Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly/Zero Shinku No Chou of the PS2/Xbox title Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly/Zero: Akai Chou (Project Zero II for those in the PAL region). So it goes without saying but there will be spoilers for those who never played the original and those who have with the new footage only found in the remake. Watch at your own risk. I had it listed as Deep Crimson Butterfly but it was not added to the database even though it is a different game.

    All the film effects, color changes, and about 98% of the flashes are in the game itself. Only thing I added effect wise was there would sometimes be a blur/bloom around some of the clips...that it. The rest is all from the game. Fatal Frame is a horror series and is made to look as such so it pretty hard to clean and for the most part I rather it look dirty being a horror game and all. All footage was capture with a legit PAL copy of the game aka Project Zero 2: Wii Edition. Took about 5 hours of game play to get all cut scenes, different versions of some of the cut scenes, replaying a few chapters because the capture mess up, and all 6 endings without the 'B' icon shown in movie theater. I played and capture all of this on a US Wii and use the Fatal Frame 4 patch to run it. Reason is as of now Nintendo of America has no plans to release this game. If the game where to be released here the official translation of the title would be 'Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly' as stated in Nintendo Power so I refer to it as that. Also Project Zero doesn't sound like a horror game at all and not as cool as Fatal Frame ;P

    Because the remake place a lot more of it story on the main twins Mio and Mayu then the original I wanted to make a video that was more about them then 'just another horror video' and leave the viewer to come up with what happened. Which I gotta say isn't easy with video game footage. I hope that I was able to make a video where the person watching doesn't have to have to played the game before to like the video. Since it not a house hold horror title like Silent Hill and Resident Evil I'm aware not as many people have played them or know about them. Also I made this because I wanted to make it. Hopefully someday I'll be able to make a video with all the games again.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please leave a opinion or QC. If not then delete it and go on your way. If you wanna check out the game you can find the original in all regions on the PS2 and Xbox systems. The Wii remake you see here is available in English in all PAL regions including Australia and New Zealand. Mio is played by Daphne Alexander in this version.

    Thanks to my awesome beta-testers. More so since none of you play this game. I would have publicly asked for beta-testers if I wasn't planning on making this a AWA video. Thanks to everyone who voted for it in AWA Pro 2012 that it won Best Drama.

    Thanks for watching


    P.S. “Thanks for the support” translate to “Thanks for putting up with my emo-ness about this video and entering it in AWA Pro”

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