JOURNAL: pan_dbgt01 (Meghan Chan)

  • ADD Production Auditions! 2011-04-05 20:47:27 have decided to POST a Descriptive video on YouTube.

    I am looking to start a MEP group. If you are interested please post a video response ot respond to me on here as long as you have AMVs to show.

    Thanks for your interest and I look forward to reviewing your stuff!

  • MEP 2010-07-21 02:26:28 Ok now I know this is a bit odd for a journal entry. I am trying to put together a MEP and I have posted a video on Youtube containing the parts. Please check out the link below and enter if interested. I am having trouble getting responses.

    Thanks for your time :D 
  • Fixed Sony 2010-05-08 17:10:53 Well if anyone has this problem this is what happened to me.

    I seemed to had lost my pan and crop window in Vegas. I was about to attempt a reinstall when I searched on Google and found a site with some troubleshooting questions. I investigated and discovered my problem.

    My Pan and Crop window was open underneath my Task bar, which is the bar at the bottom with the open prgrams. Yes that was it and I am so happy I didn't have to reinstall. I hope this helps people with the same issue!

    Thanks for reading and watching and check out my Birdy Poker Face remake!

    C ya 
  • Still going.... 2010-04-28 00:57:34 Well I almost decided to retire. Then I actually came in 7th in an AMV contest on You Tube. I guess I'm not ready to go yet. Vegas has definately opened a whole new world of possibilities as well. I am currently going to reinstall Vegas and start my first Escaflowne video.  
  • Going at it. 2010-02-10 10:54:12 Well I've finished the first video. I will upload when I feel it's ready. I am remaking 2 of my past videos as well. I am still learning, but if you take the time to learn something like Vegas it's well worth it. 
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