JOURNAL: pan_dbgt01 (Meghan Chan)

  • The Adventure Continues..... 2010-01-20 11:23:57 I am now experimenting with layering effects. I want to leanr masking but I don't seen to have it. Oh well :(

    I am now at the 1:30 mark. It's about a week off and on. I spend around 2 hours a day on it. I hope it's worth it. If this video doesn't impress I think I may retire.  
  • Adventures in Vegas 2010-01-14 12:25:49 Well this is it for me. I am currently trying to break my nasty WMM habit. I am going to learn Sony Vegas even if it kills me!

    Well so far so good. I've made around 40 sec of video in a total of 5 hour! lol It seems worth it so far tho. I like what I see.  
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