JOURNAL: Kai Stromler (Kai Stromler)

  • dead like the skull of the sun 2013-12-20 12:34:19
    SH121 finished after all, and has been published; I've got a few lingering bits running before I'll announce it, but it's out there and as impenetrable as about anything else I've ever done. The next project up is a much more conventional old-school death metal video, but that one shouldn't be expected before like March-ish. There's a lot of cutting to do, I'm still in the "leave potential source lying around on the speakers, with the vague intent of watching through it sometime" stage of production, and I have at least one significant stay in Canada blocked in for Q1 already, never mind any additional work stuff. The fact that SH121 finished, and the streak did not get broken, makes it more likely than not that SH122 will drop sometime in 2014, but *when* is entirely uncertain.

    --Kai out, again

  • down in the wood caledon 2013-12-12 08:06:27
    So I found a flash drive with the first batch of the remasters -- the BAS/INSO stuff -- on it, which I thought I had lost, and as a result I fixed the uploads for INSO00 and INSO10, which had been broken over on the website for goddamned forever. I had to find a new host, because depositfiles is now reg-only, but fortunately, tinyupload will fit these, as it will like 60% of my catalog.

    Hooray re-available crappy low-effort old videos:

    Also, I'm in process and just about ready to go into edit on a new video, but I've been that way since before I went to France two weeks ago, and now having mentioned it, will probably end up never finishing the piece in question. If it does finish, it'll be out probably early next week as I expect my weekend to revolve around staying home doing on-call, which should give me the 3-6 hours needed to hack it together, and then export is just a matter of an overnight.

    --Kai out

  • to where blood | is the highest sacrifice 2012-11-28 17:25:48
    Nothing new, and no new progress, but the bug is starting to scratch away. More relevantly, it's pretty cool that the super search now pattern-matches input to database entries. This has probably been in for a while, but since I don't watch much anime any more and have almost stopped watching AMVs entirely, I did not know about it until now.

    And yes, this was discovered during a coverage check, where 1/2 anime titles and 2/2 bands got the "no results returned" message. Future never-to-be-completed projects remain as self-defeatingly kvlt as the long-completed, long-forgotten ones.

    --Kai out, again

  • livin' in the fast lane | no pain no gain 2012-07-10 11:36:33
    There are still five BAS/INSO pieces that need reuploaded via the ILS interblag, but all of the .org videos have now been republished to the new indirect host. If something is broken, please comment as directed.

    As it turned out, I don't need to replace the soundcard in Battlefreak after all. (Hardware starts working again after a reboot? Ok whatever...) This means that the rebuild/new build can get pushed back out to the scheduled date of "sometime in Q4"/"after I move" -- and that I can continue to not feel bad about not working on stuff because it's too damn melty in the apartment to stress the system.

    --Kai out

  • in the time and space after life 2012-07-05 13:45:06
    Last night, the soundcard in Battlefreak died (was playing SH112 at the time, so apparently Parasitic was as too-heavy for the card, under that heat load, as they are for most of the .org). This was a trailing-edge piece of equipment that I picked up for $5 while building this system back in 2003, so nine full years' service is nothing to snort at. This means that I'm facing one of two outcomes, with the second being more likely.

    In the short term, I go to Micro Center on the weekend and buy another dirt-cheap soundcard to replace the current one. However, it's quite likely that I won't find anything to fit a 10-year-old old-PCI interface, so in the medium term, I get to do what I was actually meaning to: to build another desktop system and retire the old one. This will get done probably by the end of the month if it turns out to be necessary; I'm out of the country for most of August, occupied with more important stuff well into the fall after that, and ultimately not being able to access the digital music that I have on the current system -- or the audio tracks on the video archive -- is galling enough to drive quick action. At least I have a kitchen table now to build it on.

    It was intimated previously that one of the driving factors in building a new system was the pain of doing certain operations in Virtual Dub, and that the render process for mixdowns is extremely long and tedious. These are both still true, but there should be no anticipation of new editing after any system rebuild. The major constraints of time and antipathy towards large parts of the process are not affected by improvements in technology.

    --Kai out

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