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  • in the time and space after life 2012-07-05 13:45:06
    Last night, the soundcard in Battlefreak died (was playing SH112 at the time, so apparently Parasitic was as too-heavy for the card, under that heat load, as they are for most of the .org). This was a trailing-edge piece of equipment that I picked up for $5 while building this system back in 2003, so nine full years' service is nothing to snort at. This means that I'm facing one of two outcomes, with the second being more likely.

    In the short term, I go to Micro Center on the weekend and buy another dirt-cheap soundcard to replace the current one. However, it's quite likely that I won't find anything to fit a 10-year-old old-PCI interface, so in the medium term, I get to do what I was actually meaning to: to build another desktop system and retire the old one. This will get done probably by the end of the month if it turns out to be necessary; I'm out of the country for most of August, occupied with more important stuff well into the fall after that, and ultimately not being able to access the digital music that I have on the current system -- or the audio tracks on the video archive -- is galling enough to drive quick action. At least I have a kitchen table now to build it on.

    It was intimated previously that one of the driving factors in building a new system was the pain of doing certain operations in Virtual Dub, and that the render process for mixdowns is extremely long and tedious. These are both still true, but there should be no anticipation of new editing after any system rebuild. The major constraints of time and antipathy towards large parts of the process are not affected by improvements in technology.

    --Kai out

  • now making amendments | to the story 2012-06-15 10:27:57
    As most people know, mediafire threw the toys oot the pram in response to the Megaupload raid, purged everything, and now makes new uploaders register with them. As a result, all of my indirects stopped working, and fucked if I was going to register there and go "ohai, pls let me store ~6GB of stuff hacked out of other people's content on your servers".

    In response to some PM prompting, I got off my duff recently and found another low-cost-of-entry host for indirect distribution of SH stuff. I'm starting to move videos out there, and will likely complete that move, and the renewing of all links, by the end of June. If you find a non-mediafire link on some video info page that is broken after this point, report it using the directions on the link; complaints about mediafire stuff will be elided and fixed out of sequence.

    --Kai out

  • felt an itching in my thumbs 2012-04-12 14:00:28
    There is a SH120 released today. This is almost certainly going to be the last thing released with a SH number. It is not the same SH120 as discussed earlier, but something that's been turning over in my head for a while and could get done amid five hours of disappointment, frustration, misanthropic hate, directionless anger, and truthfully not that heavy alcohol consumption last night.

    The relentless hatred that I have for the process behind AMVing is the main reason, as previously discussed, for quitting. I still like the results, and on this video I did not mind the process too much. The source cleaned up easily and without heavy processing, and there was not that much of it. Thus it got done. I don't foresee ever really hating clipping less in the future, so as noted this is probably the last video.

    The two projects mentioned in the previous entry are still technically not cancelled. There's a list of projects taped to my monitor that either get check off or crossed off, and both of them are still there. The likelihood that they'll get worked on in any timely fashion is pretty small, but I retain hope that they and one other project will get done. This, though, was a nice, violent, misanthropic, and relatively uncompromising way of drawing a line under eleven years and a nice round number, and cutting off any future expectations at that point. Essentially, I continue not working on stuff, but I can stop kicking myself about it: trivial, but one fewer pipe feeding the inexhaustible rage tap is one fewer pipe feeding the inexhaustible rage tap.

    --Kai out, for good (at least until further notice)

  • the same blind intersection 2012-02-21 11:17:58
    - Source rip: complete
    - Music: complete
    - Precleaning: none
    - Storyboard/planning: none
    - Clipping: 1/24
    - Edit: none
    - Postproc: none

    - Collated: 927
    - Prepped: 0
    - Cut: 0
    - Completed: 00:00 (0)

    It's about 4.5 hours into SH120 for about 10% of the source that I'll likely need, and similar to SH116, I feel that I'm probably going to end up stopping when I've cut past that point, regardless of how much theoretical volume I have left. The cutting process encompasses everything I hate about AMVing even normally, and cutting subbed source with fidelity issues makes it even worse. The limits of my ability to tolerate this sort of thing are pretty close, and the only strategy I've found to deal with it -- getting into an alcoholic fugue state while jamming alienating techno, tech-death, and necro black metal -- kind of restricts the videos that I'm able to do. This one will work. Others, not so much. Cutting 12X is going to be more of an engineering project than an artistic endeavor, so that'll be marginally more bearable...just running two orders of magnitude as long. Hooray.

    --Kai out

  • jelly and ice cream when r*****s die 2012-02-14 11:38:39
    It's ironic that practically goddamn everything I had on mediafire as actual AMVs has gotten purged, but the video linked off here is still going strong:

    As soon as the huns finish going out of business, I can get back to working on current projects. DIE DIE RANGERS.


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