JOURNAL: AMV_4000 (Matt Diehl - Addiction Music Videos)

  • rant 2013-02-24 13:36:54 I've come to realize I have it pretty nice right now... I don't have to make the best amvs, just have fun and do what I enjoyed doing all those years ago.. I've got my new laptop hard drive on the way, hopefully I can have a bad ass gaming machine before the next con.. I will hopefully start making more videos soon, and finish my project. I have some videos that I've been working on for over 3 years. I know some people will hate my new vids but I'm not doing it for you guys, these are for me now. After making "Princess" I feel like I should release some videos that I have never put out, or ones that I remade. I also want to make videos that make me smile, yeah I may use audio or anime that people hate, and I may never release some things, but I do this for me, and show what I am comfortable with. I may have been off the org for a while, then off and on over the past 2 years, but I've still put out 2-6 amvs a year.. I only wish I had the time to do 30+ a year again. Oh well, maybe I will start releasing more or making more.

    On another note, I have been doing some singing. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable enough to put amvs of my covers on the org... we shall see...  
  • interesting.. 2012-06-17 10:58:34 So since I'm kinda back, I did some editing and what not, and boom... external with all of my footage died... I think I lost about 90-150 dvds worth of footage... yay for re-ripping it all when I get a new external >,<
    In other news, I've been hanging in the forums on my work days, and apparently someone wants to hear the story of addy??? Oh boy, that's a long story, and if I don't leave any details out people will get the wrong idea about me... oh well, one day I'll tell the tale of me, addy, tardo, and cbr...

    In other news, I really need to start working on voice acting if I want to get serious with it >,<  
  • The Return Of The Addiction~ 2010-06-26 17:48:01 Well, after many years, I have returned! It started by hanging out in IRC and talking to people like NGSilver, then listening to his radio show thing. I've started editing again, I did an IC against kenzichu, and I am enjoying editing again. Hopefully I wont go back to making 30 crappy videos a year, maby i'll work on more serious, and decent videos this time around. I still cant believe I've been doing this shit for over 10 years... I feel so old! 
  • cb-r got forums 2007-10-27 10:20:56 
  • Elitists, Vacation, Training... 2007-09-29 21:50:01 Ok, i have come to realize something... I'm becomming an Elistist Bastard... and before it gets bad i need to take a few steps back.. im gunna be taking a small vacation from editing "hardcore" or "effectsy" videos, go back to things like downloaded DBZ footage set to Rob Zombie or Linkin park... i wont be releasing any of these but it will hopefully remind me of my roots. Not only that but i will also be training some noobs how to edit. 1 on 1 sitting down with them and teaching them everything. hopefully when/if i return i'll be better.... Till then i'll be around.. later 
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