JOURNAL: AMV_4000 (Matt Diehl - Addiction Music Videos)

  • car 2007-09-29 00:44:23 i got one... if you have me on myspace, check meh new pics... if not, its black and sexy... ^,^  
  • @ Kikai 2007-09-26 11:03:59 well i kinda know ya... altho... as for you being a bitch.. i dont know you that well... so, hi, you can call me addy 
  • Cayrn 2007-09-26 06:56:35 me too, join the club i guess.... 
  • sub0 2007-09-24 21:28:33 " you cannot quit! I demand some 3945 more videos and QUICK!! ... if you want to leeeeeeive. "

    to be more accurate its more like 3808 more vids... and no that wont happen.. and who said i was quitting? i just said im out.. i may or may not stop editing, but i wont be on the org very much.. .too much drama... im definately gunna slow down my editing... not gunna be making 25+ amvs a year.... i may make 4 or 5, if that... im just getting bored with everything, and i figured after so many years of editing its time to grow up... 7 years of editing on a cpu and still i dont have shit to show for it other then 192 shitty amvs... you may as well call me ramonesfan.. so i may or may not post videos up on the org after 200.. i wanted to stop after 100... but at the time i was talked into going to 150... then to 200... anyways, enough of me ranting... i'll post more about this in about a month. 
  • awa and beyond 2007-09-24 20:30:07 awa was alright, didnt have as much fun as i had hoped... 1 month left till im out. 9 more vids... its been fun. 
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