JOURNAL: Mr Pilkington (Just call me "Pilk" )

  • Damn you Dicknugget 2013-10-11 14:45:22 Cataloging 50 videos is bad enough. But 50 videos where a good percentage have very obscure sources.... and many of them at that. This is going to take a while. 
  • The most massive apologies to Mirko :< 2010-01-18 15:29:28 Like a good friend our beloved modkip was recommending I try out the newest Adobe Premiere release (cs4) to see if it had an effect on the export issues I had with CS3. Prior to asking I had exhausted all of the resources in CS3 that I could but continued to have this problem. After upgrading this issues got worse and far more random. At this point I got frustrated and was bitching about it daily in #amv. At some times it would even yield shouting at monitors and threatening the input devices. No really, the wife and validate this information. As the issue progressed I became even more of a belligerent asshole. Poor Mirko provided as much help as he could to ends unknown, but nothing would provide a viable output medium. That was until this morning.... I was taking screen-shots so that I could make a panicked and desperate post for export help in the forums when it reared its ugly head. The dreaded scratch disc error. Yes, I had taken every precaution EXCEPT checking the scratch disc. One would assume that this setting would copy over from CS3 since it is the same file but apparently not; and I was just too dumb to verify until now. Also proof that the Pilkinator is the worlds biggest jackass

    Sorry for all the headaches Mirk.  
  • yet MOAR stuff 2009-12-16 13:04:47 Grades will be posted early next week, Two of them I know are SOLID A's! :D Plus tonight I get to apply for some scholarships and hopefully qualify for the state scholarship program! OHHHH YEAAAHHH!!! [/randy savage]

    On top of that I will finish the rotoscoping for ROH's final version today as well. If it all works out I can have the final up by the weekend. Maybe this is the year I finally get a VCA! Prolly not thou...

    HAPPY DAY!  
  • I want to choke the ever living shit out of my coworkers. 2009-10-19 11:20:52 It's one thing to be lazy and expect mediocrity, it a whole other to flaunt your apathy in the face of those of us that do your goddamned job for you you lazy mother fucking son of a bitch. One more smart ass message just ONE more and I will snap. Your stats will never even come close to mine because you are a complete fucking failure.

    I might just smack you across the face with metal cubical parts.  
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