JOURNAL: istiv (Steeve Gréaux)

  • Oaru 2007-07-24 22:27:30 Computer crashed again while attempting to make a video, engulfing all my amv editing stuff. Being the 3rd time since i arrived in Japan, i reached the point where i trust it's a sign from heaven (or hell) to stop doing AMV. So i take the decision to stop as stated in my updated profile. 
  • Konnichi ha 2007-05-29 03:36:34 Hey long time no see everyone.

    Since few weeks i receive quite a lot of videos from amvmakers that want to have a comment on their work. I feel really proud, to be asked for that, then even if it isreally newbie videos, as long as i have time i try do it.

    This made me to the point that i remember that old time when i was doing AMVs :o (speaking like an old man lol). The nostalgy pushed me in trying to do a video ! yes sir.

    After few hours i found back my dedicated hardrive and reinstall all the softwares and codecs stuff ... then start my video. The music and anime poped easily. To be honest, each day i listen to a music, i imagine an AMV to be done with it (lol). I start to look at raws and derush.
    Then arrived the time to put all of this in the editing software and then ... nothing. I went to Karaoké where i drinked and sang so much that i'll forget that failure. Life in Japan has good sides :)

    Maybe next time will be more fruitful... 
  • Thanks ! 2006-01-20 08:24:48 I was browsing the .org's forum today when i found i was awarded at AC Cubed's contest. I don't remember i sent my video to this contest, so i'm very happy for the prize. Thanks.  
  • Istiv's recommandations for VCAs 2006-01-12 04:23:39 I connected yesterday to the .org and saw the VCA's pimpage just started. Honestly i totally forgot this annual contest. My scientist meeting in San Francisco hooked all my time during this last month.

    Regarding to the AMVs of 2005, i must admit there is some piece that i would like to win for something:
    - Tyler's JIHAKU have a good chance of winning something but honestly i dont know i which category to class it. Sweet Revenge is a good video but i dunno if it will win an award. Anyway for the constant quality of his vvideos Tyler should win the title of creator of the year.
    - Suberunker for his year should be awarded too. i really love his STILL PREOCCUPIED WITH 1985.
    - One oher serious candidate is Vlad with his VIEW TO A KILL video that is a really cool one.
    - SAIL ON from inertia is a very good video.
    - I'll vote this year for Decoy for his NARUTO'S TECHNIQUE as the most improved creator. Seriously, when you PMed me for some hints i never think y'ou'll do a so technical video.

    Then i would like to promote my (only one) video: THE RACE
    I dunno if it have as many chances as SHOUNEN BUSHIDO to win so many prizes but maybe... just have a look and tell me ;-)
  • Still here 2005-10-12 05:20:48 I think i'm not a serious guy. I said that "The Race" should be my last AMV. But i'm still doing video editing during all my nights. Concerning this last video, i'm very surprised of the feedback it received in Atlanta (AWA XI) and Kassel (Connichi). I would like to thanks here all the people for their comments and feeback for this video.

    In the beginning i was sure this video won't get a good feeback because of its repetitive and boring song. But i keep the track because it was for me the better i found to illustrate a race. So when i saw all this prizes in AWA, and the reaction (someones told) of the audience in the convention and in Connichi. I must say this was unexpected and i'm really surprised and of course very happy for all of this.

    When i see that, i want to do more AMVs :) it's where i'm not serious, because i have a lot of work to do in my laboratory. I just finished my track for a multi-author project, i'm near to finish another one, with Tyler. After that, i have a "big project" in mind. I dunno if i'll have the time to complete it. It will probably take a whole year, like the race... or not.who knows ? :) 
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