• At some point you just rather listen to music 2007-10-24 11:30:41 A few hours before class and i decide to play all my songs and im enjoying it, the lack of motivation for editing is not gone yet dunno whats happening anyways im replaying all my music, i recomend you do this once in a while youll be surprised of all the great songs that are sitting in your hardrive wating to be editited to songs with a great project idea behind them all you need is some motivation and dedication right, hopefully you wouldnt be lacking any of those. 
  • journal entries... 2007-10-09 06:20:30 i couldnt help but notice how fast this part of the website goes, once you post a journal entry it quickly goes away because of the so many ppl writing in their journals, but the thing is that the stuff being written in journal entries is not really that interesting mostly they are just one liners or replies to an specific entry from someone else.

    In other words you are not missing anything here, another thing i will start doing also is stop writing in the journal.

    are you really reading this?? 
  • on the verge of quitting 2007-10-08 12:49:21 its becoming really difficult to edit, i cant find inspiration its almost liek this hobby did not interest me anymore. could this be it. Im pretty satisfied with the videos i have created and right now the life priorities dont seem to go along with this hobby anymore, im pushing 25 and the interests are others.
    I started a project so lets see how that goes i dont feel like editing anything complicated so its simple stuff.
    ill see how far this hobby can still go for me. 
  • Its been sometime 2007-09-18 12:37:48 The hobby aint as appealing as it was in the beggining but i still have some projects in mind, i hope i have the time for them.

    Yep there aint much to write here now, my WoW addiction is almost gone even though i read they have some cool expansion coming up but anywyas stay away from that game i say and edit instead at least you are learning something(if youre editing the right stuff that is) motion graphics i mean(i have to start doing those too).

  • NEW VIDEO RELEASE 2007-06-09 18:35:28

    Read the info and download it, tnx!! 
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