• Change of Pace ... Video Release etc....etc 2007-06-07 11:34:40 The video is completed, it will be released but not now, i have to update certain imagery and i also changed my nick again because i was tyred of the old one, some say changes are good i hope this one keeps me motivated.

    Hmmm... Why not keep writing since i have some time left.

    I was thinking i could use this journal space to review movies you know like Requietts review on Children of Men those sort of things are more interesting to read than watching you all writing stuff like " eating sum fud.." " tired.." and all sorts of one liners into the journals.

    So ill start slow, by giving you this link wich i recall posting at the #amv channel where there was some conversation about its content.

    here is a link of the 50 FILMS YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE YOU DIE

    and by the way i was wrong about the journal starting automatically at 15 hits :P
    now go check that list and see if you are really that knwoledgeable in good movies.

  • Great Way to make money...or is it!!? 2007-05-15 11:16:34 So today i was coming back from the college library and came across this announcement asking for ppl interested in some chemical experiments ON THEIR HAIR
    they would pay 90 euros to any youngster between the age of 18 and 30 and 100 euros to others between 30 and 45.

    Where is the catch? they wont make themselves responsable for any outcomes of said experiments, lol what did u spect.

    I personally think they should pay more i mean 90 to 100 euros what can you do with that much? ermmmm... pay a third of the medical treatments you will probably need after undergoing some chemical experiments on your hair, hahaha bravo.

    You find all sort of interesting job offers on college announcement boards. 
  • MMORGPGs or MMOs 2007-05-10 09:19:30 Well i have to say taht at some point i doubted the entertaiment value of AMVs because well... making a really good music video equates more to pain than to entertaiment and even when you decide to just watch them you barely find a video that really really impresses you or causes you any impact for you to keep this video in your hard drive, i only have like 10 amvs in my hard drive.
    So what does this has to do with MMOs, i recently came across the trial of the infamous World of Warcraft and i have to admit that i got seriously hooked even thought i have always bashed this form of entertaiment, the truth is that compared to any other hobbys MMOs will win because... they were designed to entertain and thats what they do best.

    Anyways my world of warcraft trial has expired and i yet have no intentions in paying for that game :P maybe in the future.
    By the way AMVs should also be an expensive form of entertaiment its just that they are easier to cheat at.

    Now seriously who reads journals, are you reading this... damn thanks i guess. 
  • Who cares 2007-05-10 06:05:01 Who...? 
  • Automatically 15 2007-05-10 06:04:25 hits in journal entires seem to start automatically in 15 
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