JOURNAL: LoST RaiNDRoP (Ben Morillo)

  • the best feeling 2005-02-15 10:31:30 Ever get that feeling where everything seems to be perfectly fine even when your alone? It lasts a couple of seconds. Less than a minute. Its when you feel like your heart grows a thousand times it size. And you notice your smile grows too. Your mind says its a perfect world. Makes you feel like theres nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. You can do anything you want to do. Be able to have everything you want. Say everything you want to say. Even probably run around naked in the streets without feeling embarrassed or anything. You feel like your so loved by the person you love the most. As well as all the people in the world. You think everyone is happy. You wanted the feeling to last forever. But the more you think about it, the faster you lose it. You start to realize not everything is alright.
    The feeling could have been triggered by a beautiful sight or a warm silent song. or by nothing at all. Either way, you dont know how you can feel that way. Just have to wait till it happens again.
    Well, i felt that again today for less than 20 seconds.
    ...and the worst feeling was losing it.

    ps: i dont get high. lol

    Happy Valentines Day you all!
  • Quiet of the Lone 2005-02-08 11:13:37 gasping on every word
    looking for every sign
    the shadows in the meadow
    wont leave me behind
    the deep thick wind blows
    as i try to raise
    above the dense fog
    thatís holding me prison
    in this dark cloudy night
    i see the light so clear
    but fooled by its distance
    waiting for me to give up trying
    to reach for its peace
    even the faintest touch
    of its warm rays
    on my cheeks keeps me going
    but for how much long
    will it be of help
    when everything i want
    only makes me worse
    and i start hearing
    in the back of my ears
    the quiet sounds of the lone
    consumes me

  • bleh 2005-02-04 09:20:02 bleh blih blah bloh bluuuuh!!!...
    im so bleh bleh
    check out my DA account............
    i got new photographs and a couple of drawings.
    bleh blih blah bloh bluuuuuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *faints faints* ROAR!!
  • .... 2004-10-26 11:25:17 school...
    day dream..
  • YAYAYAYAY!!!! 2004-07-31 01:54:37 w000000000000000000t! yayayayayayay~!!!!!

    last last night was the bestest night evaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!

    LoST RaiNDRoP 86: do you love me?
    Starynightsky73: yes
    Starynightsky73: i honestly think i really do
    Starynightsky73: i mean at first i thought you were just doing this to help yyou get over *(another girl)*
    LoST RaiNDRoP 86: i love you too
    Starynightsky73: and im still not shure that you arnt...but i dont care anymore
    Starynightsky73: i do love you
    Starynightsky73: i love you
    Starynightsky73: there
    Starynightsky73: now i feel better
    Starynightsky73: do you remeber when you were talking bout how *(some girl)* only saw you as a friend and i said i had the same problem with another person and you asked who and i dint say?
    LoST RaiNDRoP 86: oh yea... you never told me that guy
    Starynightsky73: heh
    Starynightsky73: it was you

    ~i was almost speechless~ (as usual)

    shes so awsome! ...... shes the sweetest, funnest, most caring, loving girl ive met!

    GaH! i always never wanted/intended to fall for a person online! but what the heck! i cant help myself... were gonna meet with each other next year in the anime convention were going to. hehe!
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