JOURNAL: LoST RaiNDRoP (Ben Morillo)

  • -_- 2004-07-20 21:27:36 ive given you every breath every soul of me. ive tried everything every idea ive got. now every tiny bit of me is gone. its gone. hoping to come back. im just never good enough for you. never. never. i think about you everyday. dreaming what would be future. i give you all my heart. i still do. but now its a shattered heart. you see another. you love him so much. you never told me. i hope he gives you as much as i did. tell me what i should do. whats gonna inspire me. nothing. no one. im nothing anymore. though i have one more thing to finish. your portrait. its been in my heart forever. now putting it down on paper. before my heart completely vanishes. i love you. i love you. i love you still. im glad you are happy. im sad we are friends.

    -lost raindrop 
  • ermm... 2004-05-22 18:28:38 hehe.. im not really crying.. just tearing.. coz... coz im sleepy.. thats it.. yea, thats my excuse.

    i never really write in my journal a day after the last time i wrote in my journal. coz... coz.. coz its just not me. but then again it could be me coz its me now. and me is writing from me which is really me coz if it wasnt me it wouldnt be me... GaH!! what am i doing?!?!?! ...this is none sense though it makes perfect sense..

    anyways.. i was thinking... how much wood would a woodchuck chop if a woodchuck could chop wood? .. so then i typed the whole thing in our beloved GOOGLE and said... "He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood". ...well.. that really didnt answer the question.. so i went on to the next link.. and it was... fairly useless... its manipulative powers controled me upon clicking a blue link which i would hesitate to click if i was my own self... so there so i clicked it!!! i arrived in a destination named..
    [link] there was it... i was speechless... i was like... " .... " ..yes, my mind was dotted.. the answer to the world wide question has been found in the dark deep secret hidden corners of this internet...

    upon seing the amazing numbers.. i inspected the its surroundings.. and ive studied the secret symbols and figures.. and i concluded that it is a hoax!!.. your eyes must not be ticked from the hidden message of the dark deep that said.. "Please note that the numbers vary due to the dispositions of the woodchucks involved" ...i fell down in tears.. i fell down in deep disgust of myself... this is a catastrophe!!! i felt like the whole wolrds weight is pushing down my chest.. i couldnt take the horror as was holding a dagger upon the air about to stab myself from shame... yes.. shaaaaame!.. im full of it...

    ...and... before this shining blade reaches is rightfull place in my heart.. i.. i.. i'll say my last words... "if peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, how many pickled pepper did peter piper picked?"

    *slowly presses dagger in chest to the heart*.. aaaa!!.. aa!... aaaaaaaa!!.. .... ..... ... .... ..... ........... ......

    -lost raindrop
  • tired.. 2004-05-04 16:04:26 ok.. the project is DONE!.. heres the link to it..

    there ya go.. just click on it and you will be directed to my artwork. hope yall like it.. whoever reads my journal..

    anyhu, im tired, im in school right now, doing nothing, im not studying.. whats the use?! i CANT self study!!... theres really nothing to talk about.. xcept that im bombed out... i dunno what else to say..


    ...i guess till next time...

    -lost raindrop 
  • big project 2004-04-23 22:40:30 ...i got a big project comming up.. im halfway through it.. im making a video and drawing a picture which will take forever... just make a guess who it will be for.. ^_^ ...she knows im making something, but she doesnt know what it will be... so be quiet!. dont tell anyone.. hehehe.. woopee!.. i'll give a link to it when im done with it... the video will be here and the drawing will be in ...i'll be done by next week i hope... and i also hope she likes it... well.. tata for now! ^_^" 
  • lalalabamba 2004-04-06 16:20:13 it was my 18th birthday this april 4.. it was rather weird trying to be an adult...

    well.. umm.. last month ducky invited me to otakon... gah! i dont think i would be able to go beacause of financial matters.. i want to me her so bad though.. shes so lovely. well.. anyways... something great happened to me.. well not really great for others maybe.. she IMed me told me that she misses me considering that we havnt spoken for a week.. i wasnt expecting something like that from her. it was a great feeling just thinking that. i never though she would acctually miss someone like me.. my heart went up that day... she doesnt know... i miss her everyday. 
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