JOURNAL: gangstaj8 (Justin Atkins)

  • Con update, and stuff 2005-08-26 00:18:34 Well, haven't heard much about my videos at the cons. Two of them were deffinately going to the judges panel, but the third will likely be shot down. And the other con I haven't heard anything at all, I just hope they got the disk. Of course, neither con has actually taken place yet, this is just the preliminaries. I would like to go to Kumoricon, but it's very late in the game so we'll have to see if we can afford the time and the money.

    I'm also looking into purchasing a web hosting service so I can put up low-res versions of my videos up on my own website. Was doing some research for an SCA group I'm involved with anyway, so I found some decent (and inexpensive) leads on providers. Hope that'll come about in the next month or two. In the meantime, I'm still hoping for good luck on my con vids. 
  • Kumoricon 2005 2005-07-25 23:33:26 Well, I'm going out on a limb by sending in a few of my videos to Kumoricon. Hope they do O.K. I'm actually expecting that one of them won't get in becuase it doesn't really fit into any of their categories. But I only realized that after I had taken a whole day to remaster it, cest la vie... But here's to hoping. I'm also going to be entering one into Cascadia Con. Again, we'll see what happens. 
  • Hooollyyyy CARP! I'm glad that's over. 2005-03-21 03:31:59 O.K. So I finished my vid and decide it's ready to go on the org. All my preperations are complete, it's ready to go, and I'm ready to upload it. Easy, no prob, right? WRONG, DEAD WRONG!

    2:30 pm: I start the upload and leave the house for awhile.
    4:00 pm: Come home, the upload is complete, waiting for my verification.
    4:15 pm: I've confirmed the vid, and am told to wait "5 to 10 minutes" before it's available for downloading.
    4:30 pm: Um, WTH, it's not there...
    5:00 pm: Kero's down, double WTH. Ah, put a lo-res copy on my website until Kero is back up.
    5:45 pm: Exceded my websites bandwidth, triple WTH.
    6:00 pm: In frustration, leave to get food and groceries.
    8:30 pm: Kero's still down, time for a movie.
    9:30 pm: Pause movie for phone call from family.
    10:00 pm: Resume movie.
    11:00 pm: Kero revives! YATTA!!! Check video availability, post, post, post.

    Yeah, crazy stuff. I'm just glad whoever is over at AMV headquarters got the server up and running again. Plus, I didn't have to do anything else once it came back, my vid was ready and waiting to be downloaded. Weird, crazy stuff. But now it's all over, and all I have to do is wait to see how my video is recieved. 
  • #4 is on the docket 2005-03-20 20:23:40 Well, I'm finally done with my fourth video, and it was quite a project. I don't think I'll be doing anything like that for a while...

    But I learned a lot about using Photoshop, and about layering using green screen techniques. I'm really pleased with how this video turned out, but it's very short. It seems like I put in a whole lot of effort for such a short clip, but I hope it gets good returns. Now it's time to clean up my computer and figure out which idea to work on next... 
  • Hmm... 2005-02-04 19:34:13 My project is coming along nicely - that's good.
    My Dare vid has reached over 1000 hits - kinda cool.
    None of my vids made it to the Semi-Finals - bummer, that's life.
    I expect a fairly short day of work tomorrow - sweet.
    I wanted to write in my journal, but not very badly - end transmission. 
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