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  • Theft Alert 2006-09-25 02:17:21 Six months ago, I uploaded Devil Hunter Yohko - Stand my Ground AMV. Today I watched it, and parused the little ads of similar content that 'utube have.

    I found "Hold me now", a Devil Hunter Yohko amv that...stole my footage.

    No, I WOULD NOT complain about this if I didn't have proof. Luckily my footage has a little "unregisted" thing in the top left corner. so do some of her scenes.

    At the 1:47 mark, there's an edit EXACTLY like mine in my 1:06 mark. Her 2:05 freeze frame is my 2:21 freese frame. But what gets me most is her 2:11 mark.
    That extended Kimono scene took me about a half hour to,well...extend! Lots of cutting and copying. Bitch.

    Practically the whole second half of her video is MY Video!

    I left this comment: " Um.
    Yeah, thank you for editing peices of my AMV "Stand my Ground" to make this. I love it. thanks. Really *Sarcasm*
    If you need proof, look up the vid
    Note the "Unregistered" in the top left corner, the sped up/extended pink Kimono scenes and the "Hands to chest" flashback shots. Plus others...

    And flagged her as inappropriate.

    By the way, her video is a month old, with 948 views, 10 comments and 12 faves.
    Mine is 6 months old with over 6,000 views, 85 comments (Most of which is Sailormoon vs DHY wank) and 94 faves.

    Yes, I realize that essenially all AMVs are footage theft but come the fuck on!

    By the way, she replied. Her reply? "I didn't see it because I need glasses!"


    I posted about it here 
  • Very first AMV.... 2003-11-15 14:23:56 ...Is in the process of uploading.

    Its BattleAngel Alita/Gunnm, to the song Great gig in the sky by pink floyd. Yep.

    ...The upload is at 14% now, I'll repost with the url when its done. 
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