JOURNAL: bubblehead

  • Seems all those people were hosting people 2004-12-12 22:45:00 ...and one of them helped me set up my own forum!

    It's pretty empty now... because it's so very new.

    I also started a writing club and we had our first meeting last week.

    -bubble out 
  • Weird... 2004-12-07 01:03:32 After a power outtage, I got more than ten simultaneous requests for people to put me on their Yahoo buddy lists, all from people with anime-related usernames. I've only ever gotten one request before, and I cannot think what may have prompted it. My joining Gaia, perhaps (visible email)? No idea. I mena, I have not been that active on Yahoo games recently...

    Anyway, after that and reading today's Megatokyo, the internet went out for about half an hour to forty minutes.

    Like I said, weird.

    -bubble out 
  • Getting behind sucks, and losing your progress sucks worse. 2004-11-27 00:05:14 I got behind again yesterday, so I had to write at least the same amount as on Friday to catch up... I have over 44K words now, very awesome, and an essay to write by Monday, very un awesome. I barely even start getting quotes for it today. I do have a thesis statement though, but I had intended to start writing it on Tuesday, not Saturday. Oh well, I can probably spend most of Saturday writing it.

    I'll watch at least 2 more AMVs tonight.

    Why is it that most of the videos that I've heard were good recently suck in my opinion? Except the "suggestion query videos." It works, check it out if you haven't already. Maybe I'm too picky. I have been told that before, by recipients of my ops, especially my n00b ones (when I was a n00b here I mean). I've been here more than a year, can you believe it?

    Hopefully I'll get a little more video done this weekend. ^_^;

    -bubble out 
  • Well, still working, on and off, on the same video as in August 2004-11-25 02:43:06 ...mostly off. I probably won't finish in time for the contest, but oh well. NaNo's more important to me right now.

    Also have an idea for a good Lodoss vid, a different take on the series, which is a first for me, pretty much.

    I should get to bed. It's turkey day tomorrow, and it's almost midnight now. *yawn*

    -bubble out, drag-footedly, with 40,059 words of novel (on track) 
  • Noveling is not all fun and games. 2004-11-08 00:22:40 Buts it's one heck of a wild trip!, every now and then, just when the creativity is getting really low and the BS really high, something comes along. Like my favorite line, which is a total cliche.

    But still... eventually it'll get better, right? Right?

    I was so crazy to sign up for this. But it's fun anyway. And my novel sucks BIG TIME.

    -bubble out 
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