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  • Eagerly awaiting November! 2004-10-31 19:44:59 Seems an odd thing to say on Halloween, but I can't wait for November, when National Novel Writing Month starts ( I'm entering, I've got my ideas all laid out, though not very formally, and there's a write-in (read: gathering of writers) in my area on Friday. OMG <3! I can't wait! should hear me when I get really excited. I get all squeaky.

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  • Hellsing 2004-10-14 16:04:55 In club, we're still watching Hellsing. It seems that there are only two members (myself included) who don't like it. There might be more but if so, they haven't spoken up.

    Okay, Hellsing isn't a terrible show. In fact it's hardly a bad show at all. But mostly it doesn't appeal to me. Blood and violence (well, gunfights anyway) do not appeal to me in their own right. For violence to appeal I must like the characters, and for blood to appeal it has to be surrounded with... okay, I'll say it, the repressed sexuality that vampires seem to more traditionally represent. And even so it's a little iffy because it makes me uncomfortable. The vampires in Hellsing represent only violence, and the characters do not appeal much, so I don't really like it.

    Whew! Writing that made me feal really uncomfortable, because it's something I just don't say, and because I was dealing with the somewhat taboo.

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  • Leading a club is not hawt. 2004-10-08 20:40:29 SO not hawt.

    ...yeah, um.

    Anyways, what I mean is, it doesn't mean that you get authority, it just means that you have to do the club dirty work. Like advertising. And generally representing the club, and sitting out in the hot sun in a long-sleeve shirt on club day advertizing it. Blarghh.

    We showed Nuku Nuku OVA episode 1, Rurouni Kenshin episode one, then Scrapped Princess episode one, followed by Hellsing episode one. Seems we'll be sticking to Hellsing, if the guy who has the DVD will just remember to bring it. So far I don't like it very much. We'll be skipping episode two because of swearing, but now we may get a DVD player and a TV in our Tuesday meeting place (AC4). Also, nobody's let me play any AMVs since our first meeting. :( A couple of members do say they like them, but apparently they'd rather see Zim. They also want me to give them a bunch of Meri's videos. I was like, I'll give you AMVs if you provide the CDs, but I'm not d/ling a bunch of videos for you (I've only downloaded a few of her videos.. they want the DBZ ones, I think).

    Somewhat surprisingly, the two members who are the most into blood and gore are girls. ^_^; There goes one stereotype. Though I'm a girl and don't like blood that much.

    Anyway, these two girls (also the same people who want a bunch of Meri's videos) said that Hellsing was a godsend or something. Well, one of them did, and the other seemed to agree. I was like, I'm not sure the show is THAT good. I didn't say it was bad, though, because I've only seen one episode and most of the time I give a show at least two episodes to convince me, unless I'm really sure I don't like it after watching one.

    I saw the first episode of Komugi on the Anime Network on demand, and I have to say it's MUCH better than Soultaker (which has many of the same characters, but is very different). It's actually funny, and, more to the point, fun. I don't love it (yet) but I like it moderately.

    I also started watching Read or Die TV on G4 Tech TV. It seems pretty good. I missed the first half or so of the first episode, which is sad because I did the same thing at Fanime '04, where they had it subbed. The dub seems pretty decent, though I don't like Anita's friend's voice (Chisa, I think). I wonder if they changed alot of the names. I mean, Anita, Maggie, and Melissa (or whatever the blond girl's name is) don't sound Japanese. Or Chinese, because they're from Hong Kong. Or maybe it's suppose to be the influence of those durn Brits (j/k) who had control of Hong Kong for fifty years, I think.

    Also, after seeing one episode in which Nenene asks Anita to call her "sister Nenene", I realized why it was supposed to be hard. I mean, Nenene nee-san IS kind of hard. Or at least intimidating. ^_^;

    Wow I have alot to write when I don't write for awhile. =P

    We took an intelligence survey/test thing on Thursday in our advisory class. I came out with intrapersonal as my best skill and interpersonal as my worst. Which means I'm good with myself, and I'm intuitive but I don't play well with others. Which isn't really a surprise. =P My friend who sits next to me in Advisory came out as visual and intrapersonal, with weak interpersonal skills, which also isn't all that surprising, especially since she a good artist. She draws much better than me. T_T If that's even gramatically correct.

    I came out with surprisingly low logic skills, though. I think it's because many of the questions deal with whether you like something or not, and I don't really like logic/organizational stuff.

    I found out that there's an Astérix PS2 game, but I don't think I'll get it, because the US release is only in English (badly dubbed, or so I've heard), and they changed alot of the names for the American version. I just can't picture Obélix havng a dog named Dogmatix. It's wrong! Or you can just call me a purist and you might be right. =P

    As far as webcomics go, Megatokyo is good, as always. Teaclub still hasn't updated as of last check (or rather, there's been an update but no new strip). Alpha Shade is gorgeous, as always, but I haven't read any of the new strips, and last time I read any, they didn't interest me much. They do have a truly beautiful flash animation up. It'll be awesome once they add the sound. From the Margin is still funny, but I don't think there was a strip last week. Steam Powered is bizarre and funny, but I haven't read much of it yet.

    As for my latest AMV, there has been either no or negligable progress since my last post about it. Don't hold your breath; I've been procrastinating much more than usual. I may post a WIP on the messageboard soon, if I can find some webspace (I don't want to lose my Geocities page, so I won't do it there).

    I haven't been posting on the forums quite as much as usual. You can blame that on SSX 3, which my parents gave me for my birthday. It's really fun, except when it gives me mild motion sickness because it feels so fast. I'm going to get some more games with my birthday money (not from my parents, it was from other relatives). There are alot of games that I want, though, so I'll have trouble deciding. I do wish there were Mario games for the PS2, though that's not happening, of course. It's just because I really liked Super Mario Brothers DX for the Gameboy Color. It was so simplistic, but so fun, and I totally obsessed over it.

    The most recent actual manga I've read is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, which is rather a disappointment after one book. It starts off well, but the characters are different from the way they were in the original series and they fail to appeal. The best part is the art, which is a real change from CLAMP's older stuff. I mean, it's still CLAMP and it's still pretty, but the lines are a lot thicker and the angles are more frequent and sharper. It gives it a very different feel. They also used much less screen tone than usual, very little if any. You can tell they're trying out new things in their art, though not in their characters and storyline, which are what really need it. The core story so far is very typically, and very predictably, CLAMP romance. One character tries to confess their love for another, but is interupted by a loud noise. That happened at least twice in Cardcaptor Sakura, and what makes it worse is that it's the SAME FRIGGIN' characters, except that this time it's Sakura trying to confess her love, not Syaoran. Maybe CLAMP's in a bit of a creative slump? Or were when they came up with this one? I mean, I usually like CLAMP romances, but this is just ridiculous.

    I think that's enough for now. It's pretty long, though there's nothing really deep in it. Maybe I'll save that next time. =P

    I AM THE MASTER OF =P!!!!!! LOL!

    -bubble out 
  • Sequoia High School Anime Club! Woot! 2004-09-19 19:31:24 Alright, I founded my school's first anime club for several years. So if you go to Sequoia (no great odds of that) you can know that we have one now. It meets Thursdays at lunch in room p4.

    Anyway, the first meeting (on Thursday) was a success. The original Nuku Nuku OVA was a hit (I showed the first ep), as was Stop the Rock (except one guy who kept interupting to say that it made fun of anime and the creator had too much time on his hands). I also brought up the subject of doing a group pre-reg for Fanime. I'll guage the interest again at the meeting this Thursday. We'd need ten people to put in $31.50 each. Otherwise it's $35 each. I'm all for saving a little money myself. I'll also bring up the topic of going to see Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence as a group in San Francisco. There's less involved with that.

    If all goes well, on Thursday we'll be screening the GiTS2 featurette and either Nuku Nuku OVA ep. 2 or some AMVs, depending how the timing works out. If it doesn't go as well (read: I don't get the DVD in time), then Nuku Nuku and some AMVs.

    It's not that hard to run a club (thus far) but now I have to advertise. I emailed the person I have to get permission from to post flyers, but she hasn't responded. I might make a temporary website about the club.

    I'm also hoping to get a job and have a good prospect (at my school) that I'll apply for. Unfortuantely, they can't hire everyone that applies.

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  • Progress! 2004-09-11 19:52:01 I've edited up to about 1:02 (of 4:33). I also made a couple of images, using scenes I used in the video. They'll serve as both credits and advertisements for the video. Whoever it was who said I ought to put credits on my videos for the anime and music, will be happy, as the second of the two images has all that information.

    I also started an anime club at school on Wednesday. We haven't had one for one or two years. Anyway though, I'm the president until/unless anyone decides to object. One of the potential members said, and I quote, "You're the president because none of us guys know what to do". I'm thinking about emailing that guy they mentioned on the message boards about getting the Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence featurette (scenes from the movie) to play at my club. Our first meeting is Thursday if all goes well. I'm excited. I've never been the leader of a club before.

    I should go do my homework. And email that guy. Not necessarily in that order.

    -bubble out 
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