JOURNAL: Tseng808 (Anthony Askew)

  • New Tricks 2006-04-14 15:49:08 well the below project kinda fell through it was a collaberation with me and someone else, but they kinda dropped out my segment is completed but when the studio gets webspace ill eb sure to upload it.

    well to more present affairs, i have been taking part in alot of MEPs recently, so i have not had time to begin any of my own projects but ive got all the MEPs out of the way and i began a new project of my own on 12th of April 2006. The progress i am making is fantastic in such a small period of time already i msut thank Requiett and Poetic_Kaos for numerous reasons linking with support of the project.

    The vide when its complete i am going to eb submitting it to Amecon '06 here in the UK.

    so watch this space... 
  • New Project. 2005-09-21 10:13:23 ok starting a new project. and im laying off the FX for this one. so the start date is 21/9/05

    ill try and finish it before christmas ^^

    ill reveal more on it later ^^

    watch this space. 
  • Iron Chef 2005-06-19 10:32:47 my iron chef piece is done. im just waiting for dacoolgohans,

    i will uplaod my video when all the judges have watched both videos and came to a conclusion of the winner ^^

    ill also have a link to gohans video. 
  • Discarded... 2005-06-15 10:58:21 yes i hear the cries of my fans...i have dropped my Akira Project it was close to completion just seemed to ..."samey" like seen it all before. All fo those whos interested im sure i could whip up a special unfinished beta or would it be called an Alpha... 
  • bout time. 2005-04-06 23:28:04 ok i started writing the description for my latets vid and about to begin uplaod and see Kero is down!

    and now ive waited 6 hours since 10pmGMT

    its not 4:30am and its almost uploaded ^_^ donwload XD

    and op! 
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