JOURNAL: Taskmasta (Chris E)

  • This seriously needs to be dealt with 2003-11-28 14:44:55 Two dbz newbs are going around ruining people's amv averages. Two members: Super Vegeta and edivad90 are giving all videos that aren't dbz videos all 1s in review. I am so tired of this sort of thing. They all give the same one word insult in spanish for the review. I contacted Phade about them so hopefully they'll get dealt with. It's a shame that this is going on but what can you do? They took three of my videos and gave them all straight 1s like that. For no reason but the fact that it's NOT dbz. I wish I could......grrrrrr 
  • YOU WILL BUUUUURN!!! 2003-03-22 17:03:08 STS IS BACK ONLINE IN A MAJOR WAY! Lunarpages has pulled us up from the rubble and given us the fuel that we need to burn up the fuckin game. 24 A MONTH. Pretty gr8. Anyway I remastered smash something and took down the ultra crappy one. I just battled DGS' very own Guyver2019 in a battle. Took a while but im slightly in the lead. I'M WORKING ON THE BEST GOT DAMN ESCAFLOWNE AMV TO EVER BE WORKED ON AS I POST THIS. ITS GOING TO BE THE FUCKING ROOST. I'M ALL OVER THE TOP TEN ON THE ORG AND I'M FEELIN' SAUCEY! Peace! Nicole Barrs buy you a bunch of alcohol seeing as how you're 21 and all. Then bring that shit over so we can have a "quiet evening" inside. L8r. 
  • I'm at a loss! 2003-02-25 00:33:35 As far as editing goes I feel very very chochnamic! I had a temporary block as to what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go with my amvs but I'm seeing things hella clearly now. I just finished my Hellsing vid ( Number 1 on the org baby. Funny how that shit goes) and now i'm working on my STS Triple Challenge amv. I'm very optimistic and I think that my site mates shall have their arses handed to them by me. haha. Nah seriously I'm having a blast. My host may be kicking me off soon. I guess they were appauled by the thought that someone may actually use 50 gigs of bandwidth to host something besides cooking recipes. I mean honestly...WHAT THE FUCK WOULD I USE 50 GIGS OF BANDWIDTH FOR IF NOT VIDEOS. They kill me. Damn hosts. I'll find another though. I always DOOOO MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 
  • Turn that shit uP! 2003-01-12 23:27:23 I've decided against wiping the sts forums clean. I'm just going to enforce sum rules. Transporter inspired me. Without rulz, there'd be chaos. Good ass movie. Anyway. I just introduced my akira video to my friend Bin. Recycle Bin that is. It's been added to my list of dead homies. Now I'm done and on to the next one like dave grohl. I just remastered my InnerVizion amv. Looks glossy like mossy. Now I'm thinking of what I want to do next. I have an idea but I need a couple more animes. I'm having hella fun! 
  • Why the fudge duz it have to be? 2003-01-09 20:20:55 In the words of Ozzy Osborne "I just wanna make rock and roll man". That's how i've been feeling lately. My forum has just been getting STUPID drama. Like comlete and utter Bullshit. As with most forum drama, it revolves around a select few. It's putting a damper on everything. I'm contemplating shutting the forum down completely. I think a greater solution would be to just reset the whole damn thing and let the people who matter re register. A clean start. I really dont know. I never thought it was gonna be this way. I just wanna make amvs. That's all. Is that too much for a po' black man to ask? lol Ahh well. It'll all work out. Time to start checking out more of these revolutionary amvs. Sad part is, only like ten percent OF the top ten actually download.  
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