JOURNAL: Taskmasta (Chris E)

  • Expanding: One by One hidden up my sleeve 2003-01-09 01:09:35 I have been using the STS forums for my battleground. At this point I want to battle as many people as possible. My first battle ever was with the hard hitting and xtremely incredible Wonka of HypeOdermic studios. That fucker is a monster. Our first battle, to my surprise, I won. I'll admit it got me a little cocky. I didnt let anyone else know but it did. So when it came rematch time I was a little full of myself and that lead to my downfall. I've wantd a rematch for a while now. Like almost a month but it's hard getting a hold of Wonka so I said, why wait? May as well give someone else the chance to take on task-fucking-masta. Task-fucking-masta is kind of like my alter-alter ego. An exaggerated and more ruthless version of Taskmasta. Anyway my first battle was against a newb kid. I throttled him. Only because he was new to everything. Less than 24 hours (today) I'm battling Anime Amiee. She has incredible potential as well. The verdict isn't in yet but I may lose its possible. I'm having fun learning things and going against all these different people. I'll be battling MexicanJunior whom Wonka and Beowulf have taken under their wing and then JaggedIce, a great amv maker. I'm not sure what my work is turning into, I just know I'm enjoying every minute of this. 
  • Swimmingly or Not? 2003-01-05 12:14:23 Akira justified is officially kicked off. I'm not used to using sounds without many lyrics. Most of my vids have always had strong lyrics to base the editing from, this on the other hand however will be pure synch. Beat beat beat beat beat. It's really intimidating but they don't call me Taskmasta for nothin:). At least I hope haha. I'm really starting to like At first it seemed too broad and impossible to get ahead but there may be a chance thanks to all the positive feedback i've been getting. Look out top ten percent, the minority is comin throooooo 
  • New sHynot McNyot in the w0rx! 2003-01-02 23:28:26 After a long time of contemplating I've decided to redeem myslef and give justice to THE Anime. That's right. Akira. I'm currently capturing clips so I can throw my method over this beautiful piece. I'm using an extremely hard song. One of the reason's I'm doing this is to raise my skill level. Don't get it twisted, I do have the power of the SAUCE!!! But of course there's always room for improvement. If I'm gonna get on top of like I plan I'm going to have to learn as much new stuff as I can becuz there's some pretty amazing shite out there. Pretty amazing. Well I'm struggling to continue capturing clips but its cool. I'm talkin to my good buddy Automatic and staying inspired. STS BAYBEE 
  • Time to hit the friggin' accelerataaah 2002-12-29 21:54:51 I've been such a skeptic of for so long. I figure I've been doing fairly well from the traffic I get from my saiyantriplestrike anyway. I finally realize that there is so much area to be covered if I want to get in the forefront like I really set out to do in the first place. There's a lot of room for me to grow as an editor as well. Its time to show these leaders I'm three and a third, I 'm free as a biiird baybeee. At least that's the idea. ha haaa. 
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