JOURNAL: FoxJones (Sami Juvala)

  • Jump start to 2017 2017-02-07 13:54:35 So, I'm trying to get 'back into business'. Now that more than a month has passed, I can look back and note that surprisingly I have managed to accomplish several things. Some notable things so far:

    - Made accounts to twitter and youtube. Started uploading old works to youtube and working out how youtube's services work.

    - Uninstalled most of my conflicting and error-ridden AMV related programs and installed the fresh version of AMV pack. Got editor, avisynth and codecs to work again. Mostly.

    - I was asked to be one of the judges for DesuCon Frostbite's AMV-contest. It was heart warming experience for this old fart to a) notice that I'm not completely forgotten b) see where the scene stands today. Although I couldn't get my lazy introverted ass to the convention itself, it was still good to be part of it. I also believe we managed to award the right videos.

    - Turned 36 years. ...yay

    - Finished a little warm-up AMV and released it today. It's ok.. this is fine.. At least I didn't manage to crash my PC very often, so everything seems to work ok and I can move on to other projects.

    ..and what project are those? Still not telling about new planned videos, but I can tell that next I'd want to remake Sweet Feather. It's one of the videos I'm very fond of myself, but original video has horrible quality. Let's see how that turns out.
  • 2017 2017-01-01 06:36:08 So.. 2017 begins. This years' autumn will mark my 20th year of my anime hobby. It was 1997 when I bought my first anime VHS tape (Ghost in the Shell). Little less than 6 years later I started making AMVs.. just as year 2003 started. To celebrate 20 years of making AMVs I'd have to keep up 6 more years.. all the way to 2023 :D
    Who knows...
    I have been feeding and resting my inspiration to make more videos for several years now and I hope to get... back into business so to speak... during this year. My hunger to edit is back. Now I just need to find the time and renew the know-how to do it.

    As for my new year resolution.. I made myself to promise I'll step into social media a bit more. So i have now finally made accounts to twitter and youtube. Twitter is @FoxJonesAMV, and now I only need to come up with something to actually tweet about. Youtube is also FoxJonesAMV and I have to look up at it a little first. How it works and stuff like that before I might start uploading my crap there.

    Anyways.. have a better coming year everyone. Shouldn't be a problem to top up the previous one. 
  • After TraCon 2015-09-08 05:01:46 This year's TraCon is over and I'm glad to announce that I survived it. After going through 3h worth of speech program (panel and lecture) my voice gave up big time and my throat is still a bit funny. Con was enjoyable as always and I met some AMV colleagues there which is always nice.

    But to the point!
    Like I promised my two new AMVs are now available. Entries in are now opened and you can download the vids. Pick'em'up if you dare, and send the usual hatemail... I mean opinions/feedback, if you have the time. Thank you. 
  • Oops! Hiatus... 2015-08-15 02:59:34 Oh wow... my last journal entry is back from 2010. Well, I have been less active for years but I still have managed to cook up few AMVs during those years. Came here to enter the infos for my latest videos. I had a little spark back to create something just in time before the big convention here. I managed to make couple videos for the contest. These will be available early September, after the convention.  
  • New Year's resolution 2010-12-31 17:19:37 1440x900

    ..and I will make an AMV or two this year.. maybe even lead a MEP.

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