JOURNAL: FoxJones (Sami Juvala)

  • 2017 2017-01-01 06:36:08 So.. 2017 begins. This years' autumn will mark my 20th year of my anime hobby. It was 1997 when I bought my first anime VHS tape (Ghost in the Shell). Little less than 6 years later I started making AMVs.. just as year 2003 started. To celebrate 20 years of making AMVs I'd have to keep up 6 more years.. all the way to 2023 :D
    Who knows...
    I have been feeding and resting my inspiration to make more videos for several years now and I hope to get... back into business so to speak... during this year. My hunger to edit is back. Now I just need to find the time and renew the know-how to do it.

    As for my new year resolution.. I made myself to promise I'll step into social media a bit more. So i have now finally made accounts to twitter and youtube. Twitter is @FoxJonesAMV, and now I only need to come up with something to actually tweet about. Youtube is also FoxJonesAMV and I have to look up at it a little first. How it works and stuff like that before I might start uploading my crap there.

    Anyways.. have a better coming year everyone. Shouldn't be a problem to top up the previous one. 
  • After TraCon 2015-09-08 05:01:46 This year's TraCon is over and I'm glad to announce that I survived it. After going through 3h worth of speech program (panel and lecture) my voice gave up big time and my throat is still a bit funny. Con was enjoyable as always and I met some AMV colleagues there which is always nice.

    But to the point!
    Like I promised my two new AMVs are now available. Entries in are now opened and you can download the vids. Pick'em'up if you dare, and send the usual hatemail... I mean opinions/feedback, if you have the time. Thank you. 
  • Oops! Hiatus... 2015-08-15 02:59:34 Oh wow... my last journal entry is back from 2010. Well, I have been less active for years but I still have managed to cook up few AMVs during those years. Came here to enter the infos for my latest videos. I had a little spark back to create something just in time before the big convention here. I managed to make couple videos for the contest. These will be available early September, after the convention.  
  • New Year's resolution 2010-12-31 17:19:37 1440x900

    ..and I will make an AMV or two this year.. maybe even lead a MEP.

  • Deadline! Deadline! 2010-04-25 12:43:55 Frenzy editing going on.. Deadline for this year's finnish AMV-contest is next saturday. It'll be more crap made in a hurry, but hey.. at least you get a new vid from me ^^

    ...hey, seriously... put that torch down. 
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