JOURNAL: FoxJones (Sami Juvala)

  • Gah 2009-02-08 03:41:24 I hate performing at cons. 
  • Mein Furher! I Can WALK! 2009-01-04 03:35:08 Yea.. knee is much better and I should be back to work next wednesday.

    New year is here again. This time without any AMV-related new years resolution. My new years resolution is still 1280x720
    I went a year without MEPs and now that it's 2009 (year of the Cirno) I started AMV Helvetti 2 MEP-project... 100% finnish shit. 
  • Back home 2008-12-02 12:09:57 I'm finally back home from the knee surgery. Reason why it took so long is that for practical reasons (free food) I have been lodging at my parents the last 2 weeks and let my knee get better. Everything has gone well so far and I hope to get on my two feet (still walking with sticks) after the next 2 weeks.

    Like mentioned previously I hoped that the uploads would be working when I get back so I could send my new AMV to the local. It's done now. XviD-version is available through local downloads and there's announcement in the forum. 
  • During the org downtime.. 2008-11-17 06:20:20 Well.. I got a new AMV done some while ago. Now that org is back up I managed to make the video entry for it and the video itself has mp4-version downloadable there. I still can't upload the xvid-version on local though. At least the forums are up again. I'll make the announcement when I can upload the AMV on local.

    Knee is still broken. I'll go to the surgery tomorrow morning. I hope it goes well and maybe the org works too after I get back.  
  • on sick leave.. 2008-11-04 15:10:25 Few weeks back I broke my knee in a floorball match. I'm currently waiting a time for surgery. This means that I have loads of free time on my hands and I can't use it all up by just watching movies (anime) or playing games. Maybe this overcomes my lack of inspiration and I'll get something new done.
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