JOURNAL: FoxJones (Sami Juvala)

  • New PC 2009-12-23 12:46:57 New machine is put together. Now I need to get used to W7 and when things are running ok get the stuff into a case.  
  •'s resting 2009-11-19 10:21:09 I HAVE NOT QUIT!

    Current situation is just that with my current PC, there's not much sense to start a new project. New machine is on the works, and when I get it I can go back to editing again. Got some juicy ideas in store, so there will be more mad foxy AMVs.  
  • Back to making videos 2009-05-05 13:28:18 I have started a new project.. and it has been a while. Reason why I'm slowing down with getting new stuff out is that I really have started hating preparing the material. It's taking more and more time since the quality requirements have gone ridicilous from the community and from myself too. I had forgotten how good it felt to see something you put on the track to work nicely. I say again.. screw the quality stuff, I'll stick with the usual "ok" quality and concentrate on what is most fun for me.

    This time I'm abusing my parent's new PC. They wanted a brand new one so we got it for them. I'm not planning to upgrade my own hardware until I see if Windows 7 is any good. Also.. I need money for that ;)
    Anyway.. working with better computer lessens the pain of preparing the footage so that problem isn't that bad anymore. Hopefully I'll get "back in the game" soon, so look forward (or look out) to my new vids ^_^ 
  • Gah 2009-02-08 03:41:24 I hate performing at cons. 
  • Mein Furher! I Can WALK! 2009-01-04 03:35:08 Yea.. knee is much better and I should be back to work next wednesday.

    New year is here again. This time without any AMV-related new years resolution. My new years resolution is still 1280x720
    I went a year without MEPs and now that it's 2009 (year of the Cirno) I started AMV Helvetti 2 MEP-project... 100% finnish shit. 
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