JOURNAL: TobinHood (Jason Tobin)

  • Bah 2002-12-14 08:24:31 Still never got to start my Haunted Junction video, site is still down since August. Ah stupid stuff.

    However, my birthday was wednesday and me and the boys did a pub crawl. Man it was great. I passed out and can't remember how I got home on the couch. We were walking down the street and realized my vest wasn't on me anymore. We had to backtrack for like 10 mins until we found my vest on the street. Somehow it fell off me and none of us noticed. It was funny. 
  • Thanksgiving 2002-10-15 06:54:54 Went home for Thanksgiving this weekend. Got drunk, got sick, got drunk, went bowling. Was great. Went to sppeal my 445 Friday morning with a hangover. Smart eh? Got my Haunted Junction DVDs ripped while I was home so I plan on starting my Ghostbusters video this weekend. I was be submitting this video to some conventions too so look out for this one. 
  • 445! 2002-09-04 10:33:14 Wow, third day into university and I've got a $445 fine for public underage drinking. University is great. Last night 4 people just on my wing got 445's and 7 in the residence got them. My roommate Shane passed out and slept in a puddle of his own puke and stained his bed matress. He is washing all the sheets and clothes and stuff now, man it stinks. Our residence's alternate name is "The Zoo" where they don't breed graduates. It's awesome! 
  • Tomorrow I leave 2002-08-31 16:31:49 Yes tomorrow I leave for university and this is the last chance I can get to go on this site for awhile. It's going to be a very crazy time at Frosh Week. I won't be sober for a very long time so don't expect a video out for an even longer time. Also I have to go on a hunt for new web hosting again as it appears Always will not re-open our account. ;_; I wanna amke an update dammit! 
  • I Hate Siblings 2002-08-30 00:31:44 Well I came home from my vacation a couple days ago only to find about 40 new progs installed on my computer and my entire mp3 collection deleted by my sister. So after a near murder case I've managed to calm myself down since in one more day I'll be going off to university and she can never screw up anything of mine again. I'll also only have to see her ugly face on holidays now as well, though I still feel that is seeing her too often. It's still quite the relief. These couple days are taking forever to go by though, I'm starting to think I'll never get away from this insane family. 
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