JOURNAL: TobinHood (Jason Tobin)

  • Big difference from last month 2002-08-16 13:57:53 Wow, our site has been suspended. Last month we exceded our bandwidth limit by about 5 gigs so I took down a few of the videos off the main server. Now this month, even with those videos down the site has pulled in over 15 gigs over the limit not even halfway through the month. I just got my notice of why the site was suspended today. I'll be adding direct links to my videos on the org now since we've finally got them on Beef's server and working properly. Hopefully our site will be back in September and hopefully the emails of it's disappearance will slow down soon.

    In other news, I started my Totoro video. That's it. END! 
  • 2002-08-03 01:45:39 drunk me atlkingfd to akuma ands me drunk and stuff
    and sutff 
  • All Vids Back 2002-07-31 02:40:50 Well, all the site's vids are now downloadable again (including the Christmas video) and Beef has released his new video. Uploaded the video page, updating the news tomorrow. 
  • 2002-07-25 16:44:48 Just got back from visiting my friend in Ingonish (<-- Place in Cape Breton, <-- Place in Nova Scotia) last night. Man was I tired, must've went swimming for about 7 hours that day. I'm completely sunburnt but it was worth it. There was a natural waterslide in the mountain. Rapids contantly running down the side have smoothed out the rocks (for comfort) and made them into a waterslide type shape (for happy sliding ^^). There were also many small cliffs to jump off. It was great, though the waterslide's wear and tear caused a big hole in the bottoms of all of our shorts O.O! Anyway, had a fun time, weeeeeeeeeeee. Me and my pointless non-amv related journal entries. I really should start making this thing more AMV related. 
  • Golden Dad! 2002-07-22 01:24:57 My father, who is not interested in anime at all, sat down and watched Golden Boy with me today. It was very surprising to me but I found him enjoying himself and laughing... alot! He said he'd never seen a bigger pervert in his life and he can't wait to watch the rest of the series with me. This is just one of those times where I find one of my parents to be cool. ^^ 
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