AMVapp and AdvancedAVS Pack

The AMVapp - download 1.02b (Out of date. See here)

The AMVapp started out as an AnimeMusicVideos Avisynth Plugin Pack but has developed into an all-purpose installer for everything you need to use DVD footage for making AMVs.

The current release of the pack is version 1.2 and includes:

Premiere Avisynth Import Plugin - version 1.1b
Avisynth 2.06 with auto filter loading.
HuffYUV 2.1.1 - with msyuv fix
DVD2AVI 1.76
Decomb 4.0
Lame 3.92 ACM codec for use with Virtualdub
abcavi - AVI Tag Editor
Example Avisynth Scripts

The only other thing you need for getting DVD footage is a dvd ripper.

Advanced AVS Pack - download

This installer is designed for those who wish to use Avisynth for more advanced operations - namely filtering. This is version 1.0 of the pack and includes the following:

VirtualdubAVS (beta3)

Avisynth Filters:

2D Cleaner YUY2
Chroma Noise Reducer 2
Dup (duplicate frame detector)
Msharpen (sharpener with edge-detection)
Msmooth 1.0b2 (spatial smoother with edge-masking RGB only)
Msoften beta1 (experimental spatial smoother by MarcFD)
SmoothHiQ (YUY2 version of smart smoother)
SmoothDeinterlacer for Avisynth (YUY2 and RGB modes)
ST Median Filter (spacial/temporal median filter)
Warpsharp YUY2 (included in the 'extra' folder as it crashes the Avisynth 2.06 autoloading facility)

Virtualdub Filters (RGB mode only):

2D Cleaner (RGB) optimised versions
Area-based Deinterlacer
VHS Filter by flaXen
Hue/Saturation (RGB mode use tweak for YUY2)
RGB Adjust
Smart Deinterlacer (use FieldDeinterlace in decomb for YUY2)
Smart Smoother IQ by Tim Park
Smart Smoother HiQ