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Postby DiemondDagger » Sat Jun 29, 2002 3:03 pm

Well does Phade have members to fill the position of Administrators yet?
Just curious. Cause I'd like to know so I don't piss them off now and have to pay for it later if you know what I mean. ^_^
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Postby BogoSort » Sat Jun 29, 2002 3:15 pm

Just post as though there are administrators watching all the time, and then you won't have any problems. If you're attempting to just randomly piss off non-administrators, then you'll eventually have an accident and piss off an administrator, or someone will report you.
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Postby DiemondDagger » Sat Jun 29, 2002 3:19 pm

I wasn't planning on pissing anyone off I was just going to watch my mouth if someone was giving another a lashing.
Hense this has happened to me before and when I stood up to my point I got quite a lashing form others ^_^;

I was just curious as too who was an Administrator. I was thinking AD would be one since he's on this a lot and is very responsible with almost all posts.
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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Sat Jun 29, 2002 3:55 pm

Thanks for the vote of confidence but I don't think I'm going to be an administrator.

Partly because Phade has sent out emails and I haven't got one and also because I think Phade wants to have people he has met to be the moderators.

If I were Phade I'd certainly be happier having a moderator who I could go to their house and kick their ass if they did something bad :P

So yeah I think the moderators are likley to be friends of Phade. In any case they're not me.
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