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Postby elite-dreams » Sun Nov 26, 2006 9:03 pm

=.=;, didnt have time to think bout my grammer mistake xD. that means if i had effects in certain parts of the vid, it could make the vid longer and become un sync?
-oh and WMM only allows u to save the movie as WMA, and u tried to look in the options if i could change how its saved but there wasnt any =/ unless u no whhere xD.
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Postby Kariudo » Sun Nov 26, 2006 9:11 pm

simply adding effects will not affect the sync.
if you change the position of the clips/audio it will.

WMM options should be similar to WMM2 options, in which case you should look at this

if you still don't see the options (I've played around with WMM briefly so I know there are other optiions...but now it's dead not like it's that much of a loss) then you could just get WMM2
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Postby elite-dreams » Wed Nov 29, 2006 4:24 pm

umm...the ffdshow is making my WMM crazy (oh, and my version of the WMM is 2.1) since i dled the AMVapp. i think prolly cuz my CCCP comes with ffdshow adding up wit the AMVapp ffdshow making it go crazy xD. err..i uninstalled the AMVapp + CCCP and reinstalled the CCCP and it waz...somewhat okey and then everytime i imported a video or opended a prj, the DirectVobSub icon in the item tray in the start tool bar kept flashing which made my WMM..freeze =.=;. i used the directshow ermonter thingy to uninstall it and it was fine BUT then the DivX manager icon in the tray started to flash wen i opened a prj =.=; its the DivX, the icon is liek a blueish folder with the text divx on it. so, i think its that thing thats not letting me split my videos. its a xDIV formated vid and wen i split one of the clips, my wmm closes/shuts down.

srry, huge paragraph xD. this computer is making me crazy, well my question is, how do i get rid of that codec thingy since i dont think its tat much important since i think the CCCP has a divx codec in it already. and am i able to dl the Lagarith and the huffyuv that came with the AMVapp seperatly instead of dling the whole amv pack?
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