Kumoricon 2013 AMV Contest Rules & Deadlines UP !!!

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Kumoricon 2013 AMV Contest Rules & Deadlines UP !!!

Postby Geirr » Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:34 pm

Here we go with another PAC-NW contest!!

Electronic deadline: 24-Jul-13

Convention site rules:

Text-only rules:

Category summaries:

SIX AMV CATEGORIES: (Winners selected by audience vote)

1) INTENSITY Similar to an 'Action' category, but THIS year we are merging
'Effects' into this category, because good effects are intense. This
category is for a strong dramatic plot or visuals, engaging the audience
with impact, high suspense, and gripping scenes throughout. There is an
additional prize for best Effects (see below,) but the Effects prize winner
can come from any category.

2) INSTRUMENTAL This category may use any anime and any style of AMV, with the
only criterion being that the music contain no discernible lyrics, and no
scat or nonsense syllables either. Instrumental music may use the human
voice as a wordless instrument. The official contest website includes two
audio examples.

3) RETRO Each submission must satisfy BOTH of these conditions below:
a. All music and sources must be at least five (5) years old, and
b. The sum, in years, of the latest (youngest) video source and
audio source must equal AT LEAST 30.

4) G-RATED COMEDY & PARODY Tell all your jokes here! But to keep them CLEAN and
FUN for ALL - will be the challenge! Entries for this category MUST conform to
the MPAA "General" ("G") rating. The Hays Code which was in force from the
1930s through 1960s also offers a good voluntary guideline as well.

5) TRAILERS Includes fake commercials, TV spots, and movie and game trailers.
May use actual advertising audio or a fictitious creation in the style of a
commercial, trailer, or fake episode opening credits. Serious and intriguing
dual-openers will also show in this category. Comedy trailers may get redirected
to the COMEDY category.

6) MISLEAD THE AUDIENCE! A project wherein the story seen in the AMV is unrelated
or opposite to the story told in the actual anime series.


- Best of Show (audience vote)
- Judges' Choice (selected by the judges' panel)
- Master of Technical Effects (selected by judges & coordinator)
- Coordinator's Choice (optional)
- Honorable Mention (optional)

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Re: Kumoricon 2013 AMV Contest Rules & Deadlines UP !!!

Postby Iren S.S. » Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:16 am

Here we go!
I'll see if I have enough time to make something for you :awesome:

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