send me away, send me away ...

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send me away, send me away ...

Postby post-it » Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:11 am

. while listening in Minnesota to "Jack-FM" 104.1 HD1 @ 03:00 12/12/2012, I heard a song
that went like, "send me away, send me away" in a bubble-gum rhythm however according
to utube, it only refers to a group named Kensington (which sounds like Billy Joel being
drowned in a N.Y. Sewer System) and has nothing to do with the song I heard! Most HD
radio stations list "who & song name" of the song being played. The radio station is useless,
they don't have any listening-list for what was/is being played.
I'm about to have a bad hair day:
... do these words sound right to anyone .. please ... " "send me away, send me away" "
:bear: THx

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