Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

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Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:40 pm

Hi everyone! Club Nakama is proud to announce this years Aniventure 2012 AMV contest!

Aniventure is the only annual Bulgarian anime convention. This year we are celebrating 7 years Aniventure and we hope to have a great amv contest! Aniventure is two days long and the amv contest is during the first day. We will soon announce here the exact days on which Aniventure will be held. It is planned for early September.

Here are this year's rules to participate: they have been a little bit updated, please read them carefully!

Categories :



1. AMV’s which do not fit in any category will be placed in special subcategories.
2. There must be at least three clips in each category. If there aren’t enough entries, the AMVs will be distributed in the other categories.
3. Each contestant can participate with three AMVs altogether but not in the same category. No more than two AMV’s from one contestant can be in one category.
4. The minimal length of the AMV must be a minute and the maximum length – 5 minutes. If a contestant provides sufficient reasons for the AMV to be longer, the rule may be reconsidered.
5. The AMV must include at least 75% anime or clips from Japanese video games .
6. The AMV must include at least 90% music.
7. The AMV can’t contain inscriptions or captions which are not related to Aniventure 2012. The contest is anonymous.

Each contestant will be able to download banners for Aniventure 2012, which should be placed as intro together with the name of the AMV. The banners can be animated in any way that the contestant chooses. The intro must not be longer than 20 seconds. It is mandatory for the AMV to have an 8 second black screen at the end of it. You can download the banners here: ... UdsdHFMZzA . If you have problems downloading them please write to to request them to be sent to you.

8. Hentai materials or materials with high levels of violence, subtitles or watermarks ARE NOT allowed.
9. The AMVs must not include subtitles, unless the creator has purposely put them in the AMV
10. The AMV must be created after September 2011 and shouldn’t have participated in any other Bulgarian AMV contests.
11. Obligatory video formats - AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
12. Audio codecs - PCM WAV (min 44.1kHz), MP3 (min 192kbps), MPEG2 video Layer 2 audio (min 224kbps), ac3 (min 44.1kHz)
13. Minimum video resolution 640х480
14. Maximum size of the file 300 MB.

By entering the contest, the participant agrees to the following rules:

I. Enrollment form is sent to, by filling the following information:

AMV/AMVs title:
Animes used:
Music used:
Link for the AMV*
Contact details (e-mail):

* We do not accept AMV's uploaded to Youtube, Vbox7, Vimeo, etc.! Please send direct links to download i.e. from or other download sites.

II. The AMV, in the exact form that it is sent, can be used by club Nakama to be projected at other events organized by the club after Aniventure 2012, without asking permission of the creator. The club is obligated not to change in any way the AMV and to display information on the nickname of the creator.
III. After the festivals has ended all AMVs entered in the contest will be uploaded to a torrent tracker for the viewers to download. If the creator does not want his AMV to be included he has to specifically inform us when sending his form to participate. This has to be noted before the deadline of the contest.
IV. Together with the uploaded AMV’s will also be provided information such as the nickname of the creator, which song us used and which animes are used. Phones, emails, addresses and any personal information will not be disclosed to the public.
V. The time set for the showing of the videos to the public is an hour and a half. Because of this time limit the jury will make a preliminary selection of the best AMS to be sown to the public. Those which do not qualify to be projected to the public will be uploaded together with all other AMVs after the end of the contest.
VI. If the AMV does not comply with some of the rules the creator will be informed in the shortest period possible to make the necessary changes and to resend his AMV. This will have to be done before the deadline ends. Otherwise the AMV will not be allowed to participate.

The contest will have several stages:

-Filling the form to participate and sending it to
-Quality check by the organizers if all the needed information is provided and the AMV complies to all rules. In case the AMV is not according to the rules the creator will be informed and will have the opportunity to resend his AMV. The AMV will have to be resent by the deadline, and no later than that. If the creator does not provide all the requested information or does not edit his AMV, it will not be allowed in the contest.
-Preliminary viewing by the judges and grading. The jury will consist of 3 people – one AMV creator, one AMV fan, and one professional video editor. None of the jury will take part in the contest with own AMVs and the clips will be presented to them without names of the creators. The jury will be announced only when the AMV contest begins on the day of Aniventure 2012. Since there is a limited time for projecting the AMV’s, the jury will select only the best to be shown ( if the total number of clips are more than the given time for projecting)
- Sorting the clips to be projected in alphabetical order in each category.
- Projecting the AMV’s to the public.
- Announcing the winners and giving awards.


We urge the AMV creators to attend the festival and be present for the announcing of the winners and awards, but naturally for those who are out of the country and are unable to attend club Nakama will send the awards at our expense.

Club Nakama provides with own resources the following awards for the winners:
- Certificate for winning in a category
- Merchandise from the Nakama stand

The organizers of Aniventure 2012 can change and add rules to the AMV contest at any time. It is the AMV creators duty to inform himself of the changes. For questions please write to

Due date to send AMV’s is 26th of August!!!
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Re: Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:00 am

Hi Everyone!

Just to let you know that the date for Aniventure has been set - 1st and 2nd of September. The AMV contest will be held on the 1st of September. We will post the results here probably on the 3rd :)

We hope to get many participants, and to let you know - we are going to film the public during the AMV contest this year as well, so you can see how the festival went :)

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Re: Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:13 am

Only one week left to send your AMV's, so hurry up and do not miss to participate in our contest.

The winning AMv's will get a chance to see how the public reacted and watched their AMV on a special video clip we will be making!

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Re: Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:57 pm

We are happy to let you know that the end date for sending AMV's is now the 26th of August! That gives you two weekend days to finish your AMV's and participate in our festival!

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Re: Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

Postby NepNep » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:52 pm

Have the winners been posted anywhere?

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Re: Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

Postby peppy_heppy » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:00 am

nicki_013 wrote:Have the winners been posted anywhere?

They were posted yesterday in the Bulgarian forum. You've won in two categories! =) Here's the translated announcement:

Action/Adventure: "Black Rabbit" by Виктор Братоев a.k.a. Kamikadze
Romance/Sentimental: "Goodnight And Go" by Лора Попова a.k.a. Lo
Trailer: "Sparkling Demons" by Nicole Parker a.k.a. nicki_013
Upbeat: "Eden me Baby" by Amy Boyter a.k.a. StarTrinity009
Comedy: "Българският Музикален Гений" by Радин Христов a.k.a. Rado - Oniichan

In the subcategories:

Best Bulgarian AMV: "Goodnight And Go" by Лора Попова a.k.a. Lo
Best use of visual effects: "Quadro Stasis Vector" by Иван Иванов a.k.a. Perfect-Blue
Best Lipsync: "Sparkling Demons" by Nicole Parker a.k.a. nicki_013
The special prize from "Highschool Never Ends" by Виктор Братоев a.k.a. Kamikadze

Also here's a torrent with all the the AMV entries: download
Original topic with the announcement: here

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Re: Aniventure 2012 AMV contest

Postby NepNep » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:32 am

Thank you so much! :) That is awesome! I found it on the Facebook page as well which is great ^-^

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