The AMV Collective (Summer MEP)

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The AMV Collective (Summer MEP)

Postby bobby1230 » Sat May 05, 2012 3:26 pm

First off i wans to say thank you to anyone who looks at this post and even considers joining im not populer or even very know on Anime music videos so giving this a chances means a lot

So this the first mep i will have ever posted for on this site and hopefully the first one i can finish

This is my plan i want to get a group to editors together and do a 3 month long set of meps one video for each month of the summer and the song i have picked out are the WTF Collective 1,2,3 by Jon Lajoie

all three song are posted here
2 ... ure=relmfu
3 ... ure=relmfu

Im not really looking for pro editors since i myself am far from being one
all i ask if you take a part know that you can do it and do it well also know that you will be able to finish your parts

also for a few parts there a recurring Mcs threw out all the videos i also ask that if you want one of those parts please stick around for each videos for some conanuty

i would also love help on just the logistics of getting the mep going so anyone who wants to join as a co-operator would be very appreciated

i am going to start sigh up fro the first mep this is first come first serve ill post your name by the part you ask for just post what 3 parts you would like most and ill give you one

MC. Confusing (recurring in 1,2,3)
MC Insecure
MC Amnesia
MC Public Urination
MC Fatigue (recurring in 1,2,3)
Chorus — Chorus Guy (recurring 1.2.3)
MC Doesn’t Know What Irony Is
MC Gets Side–Tracked Easily(1.3)
MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3
MC Lethal Weapon 4
MC Shit My Pants Frequently
MC Final Verse

Once i get a full listing i will make the parts and sending but i will try to make it that if you mc talks at any point thats a part for you
also if anyone want to help with cutting parts that would be awesome
MC Final Verse
chris johhnson

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Re: The AMV Collective (Summer MEP)

Postby AMV_4000 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:34 am

Heh, that first one was silly... sounds like something cbr studios would do... I'm interested btw.

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Re: The AMV Collective (Summer MEP)

Postby bobby1230 » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:50 pm

Cool a reply figured this was a dead topic but i still want to do it now i need more interest
chris johhnson

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