A Request of the Creative, Brave, or Insane

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A Request of the Creative, Brave, or Insane

Postby MyLittleAbominae » Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:29 pm

I am currently lOoking for someone to make a music video for me (due to the fact that I am thuroughly uncreative and horrible at making videos). I have brought up the idea with a few other people in the past but it is always shot down by any decent amv makers due to its content. I was told that these boards would be the place to find someone capable/willing to put together this little abomination that I'm looking for.

Because of the subject matter, I have come to wholy expect that there may be people out there willing to create said video, but reluctant to admit they had anything to do with it. As such, if you feel that you are right for this job, but don't want anyone else to know you are right for it, please feel free to simply pm me rather than responding to this thread.

So, without any further misdirection, hear is what I am looking for. I am in need of someone to create a music video combining the song "The Coming Curse" by Iced Earth with scenes from the show (and this is where we have lost the last dozen or so video maakers) "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." To clarify, that is a childish-looking cartoon show set to an Anti-Christ themed heavy metal song... There are a few alterior motives as to why this needs to be made, but suffice to say it will be mainly to give the old male fans of the show another aspect of it to enjoy... Additionally this is also part of an experiment to see if the mere creation of this video will cause Jon Schaffer (whom I have a great deal of respect for, don't get me wrong) to spontaniously combust... So your doing it for science too, if that helps motivate you.

Alright, well I guess thats about it. Ask any questions you like, send any comments you may have, and call me anything you feel appropriate for this situation (pretty sure I've heard it all by this point).

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Re: A Request of the Creative, Brave, or Insane

Postby ngsilver » Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:10 pm

I'd be interested in seeing this myself. Unfortunately, the song lost me after the end of the opening piano solo. Not sure how open most of the MLP editors here would be to doing this based on the song of choice, but who knows. Unfortunately, the song just doesn't grab me and I wouldn't feel right just throwing something together that I'm not really feeling. Good luck though.

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Re: A Request of the Creative, Brave, or Insane

Postby JGMurakami » Wed May 23, 2012 10:16 pm

An eclipse, in this region of our galaxy, is an intermediate Black Hole.

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