Hello Long time member posting after about 4 years.

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Hello Long time member posting after about 4 years.

Postby James Sharp » Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:07 am

Hello all thank you for taking the time to view this post. I have been a long time member of the site and i have even had my hand at a few videos. However most of my videos have been painfully simple as both life and my own limitations have kept me from becoming decent at making music videos.

However I have recently come across quite a bit of free time and i am looking to become very skilled at video editing. As i begin to embark on this journey of mine i have a few questions i would like to first ask. and hopefully the wonderful community of these forums will be able to assist me on my journey to becoming a good amv creator.

My first question is this. I would like to know if the software i have is still acceptable to make a decent video. here is a list of what i own.

Adobe premier pro 7.0
Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional
Adobe Photoshop cs 8.0

The good news is that i got all of these programs for about 200 bucks from a pal of mine who was using them for school.

the bad news is im not sure if they are even half decent to make a good music video that can stand up to todays standards of the amv site.

So if you dont mind please let me know if my software is currently up to date enough for the job.

Also i would like to know if my comp can handle the work. here is my comp specs.

Amd athlon 64 x2 3800
2 gigs ddr
80 gig hd
ati radeon hd 3850

so ya.. if im good to go please let me know.. if i need an upgrade also please let me know.

Thank you all very much for your time and hopefully i can see yall around in the future as im sure i will have many questions.
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Re: Hello Long time member posting after about 4 years.

Postby AikiNick » Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:34 am

Well, your software is rather outdated, but I suppose you can make videos with it. Surely, it would be better if you'd have newer software, but the ones that you have can be used for AMV making. But it would be good for you to make some upgrades. Personally I suggest upgrading your Premiere first. The newer the version is, the better. Of course if you upgrade other software, it would be even better.

As for your hardware, I can say pretty much the same thing: you can do it, but it would be better if you'd upgrade. In other words - starts collecting money! :mrgreen:

Overall - you can start making AMVs already. Here's some useful things: link. You'll need AMVapp for encoding and stuff like that. Other then that, if you'll need any help, feel free to ask me :mrgreen: I don't know how much will I be able to answer, but well... I'll try. But ask via messages. Thanks for attention, bye.

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Re: Hello Long time member posting after about 4 years.

Postby dazza1008 » Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:44 pm

I'm not too involved in the hardware technical side of things, so if your software works, it works - but effects in themselves do not make a good video.

But if you're saying you like to have fun with effects, that's different, I guess.

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