World Turned Over Mvid finally released :D

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World Turned Over Mvid finally released :D

Postby Himiko » Wed Jul 17, 2002 2:09 am

Ok mvid best one so far and I'm sure that when i send it to AWA it might raise a few eyebrows...hopefully... But....just to warn you guys..its 80 megs and the reason for that is the quality...tried to put the best possible quality in there. Also, please note that I only have it up on 2 servers right now...another host is waitin for his t1 connection to be set up and I STILL need more hosts...only one server gets around 400-600 d/ls a day and they most likely will be full or very be patient. With that being said plz go to my homepage and download it. It's called 'The World Turned Over' and its a various. It would be nice to get some opinions from you guys on my account at If you guys want to here is the link:

Also, if you guys like it enough it would be nice to have someone host me temporarily so everyone else can get a crack at it...since only two servers is not enuf for my site >.<
Anyway...just lettin u all know its up for download and what you guys think of it ^_^ Thats all Enjoy

Himiko-Tokyo Anime Studios
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Wow O.O

Postby Methical K » Wed Jul 17, 2002 8:52 pm

I don't usually watch these kind of videos but I'm glad I watched this one. This was a great video and sure did raise my eyebrow o.O I'll try to drop my opinion later, good luck at AWA
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Methical K
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Thankies ^___^

Postby Himiko » Wed Jul 17, 2002 8:57 pm

Arigato!! I really have enjoyed people's opinions about this mvid. LOL. Akuma practically had an orgasm after watchin this mvid and he wrote me a looooong ass review on it ^_^ Love ya Akuma :D Anyway, so far I've gotten good responses from this mvid and I hope when I go to AWA that I will at the most get a honorable mention. I've never been to a con in my life and I'm hoping that 'World' and 'Dont Go Away' will get good responses from the crowd ^_^ I'm glad u liked it Meth and thank you for responding ^_^ Lets hope that other ppl like it as much as u do :D

Himiko--Tokyo Anime Studios
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Postby §_Akuma_§ » Thu Jul 18, 2002 12:24 am

damn Himiko! lol i wouldnt go as far as having an orgasm, lol going to get teased almost to death from these people now :cry: but it was without a shadow of a doubt a great video. great job :wink:
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Postby BigshotSpike » Sat Jul 20, 2002 1:52 am

Yo Himi-chan! I haven't downloaded this video yet, but I've seen the preview you sent me and it's great! I'll revise the review as soon as I download the completed version.
I think this is your best video too.

Keep up the great work!
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